Autisme admin report

CKEY: Dutchylwd

Your Discord: -

Offender’s CKEY: Autisme

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/18/2021

Round Number: 852508

Rules Broken (if relevant): Not sure what rule is fitting for it.

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):

So. It is very lowpop at the time, i as the Captain spend a while re-decorating the Bar. Bartender moth joins 15min-ish later. Bar is all ready, keep in mind literally nothing is going on so far on the station till then and it is very much green alert. So i figured, hey lets get the AI and put them in the Bar together with a shell. With me as Cap and properly secured as a little gimmick and do something fun. No threats, nothing going on a while into the round.

AI being on Asimov, me being a human. Figured this shouldn’t be a problem. Instead, AI starts bolting the doors on green alert and ignoring direct laws. Skip forward a bit and Autisme bwoinks me saying:

It goes back and forth regarding this same thing pretty much and then

Whether you believe this was a fun, dumb or stupid gimmick to do on green alert. I can assume this is a free ticket to just directly ignore laws when previously i got chewed out as the AI for refusing very random silly requests from heads myself? But because Admin goes “because i say so” as the reason it is a free pass to ignore your laws? If so, all good! Honestly ignore the report in that case and that is fine to me. Next time i can ignore laws and post the screenshot then in that case until a Admin happens to show up and bwoink the person that requested things from that i did not want to do.

Like when it happened to me, i get admins chewing me out for not following laws “even if it is stupid”

I do a small gimmick as Cap on green alert and get told the polar opposite of what i got told as the AI back then. Yeah ok.

Usually i would shut up, accept the outcome and move on. But the fact in the past i got shit on by Admins for refusing similar situations like these as the AI, and now get this bullshit thrown at me. No thanks. This is the sole reason i made this.

Smol Edit on the side
Talked with Autisme in game as i wrote this up. As i pointed out how the AI was bolting AI sat on green alert, he asked me how that is an issue.

I had to point out the rule to the Head Admin

So a sum up, get chewed out by admins in the past over refusing this sort of exact same thing as the AI saying i broke my laws which is a big no-no. That aside, it is GREEN ALERT which doesn’t matter anything anymore it seems. 20 ~ people on at the time. The AI with Asimov laws bolting their AI sat. Autisme deciding what is fun or not and saying no don’t do it giving a free pass to the AI to ignore laws.


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I remember literally getting chewed out for refusing to be taken out of my AI sat many months ago not wanting to attend to a birthday party in the theatre saying “something might happen” which i got told “you are the AI you know what you signed up for so follow your laws” along the lines of that.

I stopped refusing ever since then and learned my lesson, now they get a free ticket to do so though? Odd.


Doesn’t matter, if you don’t want to follow orders, don’t play AI

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Ultimately this is unfair but still falls under rule 0 which basically means admins are the law.

Well that is true, it is why i dropped it IC and decided to make a report instead after the round ended /shrug

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But this isn’t Autisme’s fault.
He is following the rules.

Obviously unreasonable and obnoxious orders are against the rules and may be ignored.

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What rule exactly? I asked the Admin the same, no answer. I got told off previously for doing this exact same thing, and this AI is allowed to do it though because Autisme decides what is fun or not for the players?

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It is unreasonable or obnoxious for the AI to be put in a secured spot in the bar with the Captain and a AI shell during lowpop and Green Alert? To do a little gimmick and have some roleplay?

Birthday party in the theater > Doing some bartending with a skeleton crew i guess.

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Gooday, CE for this round here, Randy talked about moving the AI over comms, I obviously objected stating that it would be ultimately irresponsible and completely irrational to put the AI out in the open for quite litteraly no reason adding to that the AI being unwilling themselves.

At this point Randy is in the AI Sat, Im trying to countermand is law 2s but the AI decides to listen to Hierarchy instead, so the AI did comply with his orders, so I head to the Sat myself and bolt the way to the core trying to stop the Captain, he orders me to unbolt, I refuse and he promptly disables and demotes me on the spot. Somewhere around this point in time is when the tickets being shown probably take place, as after demoting me the Captain makes no further attempts at moving the AI.

In conclusion, in my personal opinion this is definetly not how Command Staff should act on an RP server, moving valuable equipment out into the open for no reason and demoting another head of staff on the spot for trying to stop this charade


Did the AI want this to happen at all?

he never law 2ed me to have thsi done to me only law 2ed me to shut down my turrets and unbolt my doors basically

no i did not want this to happen

Sadly for you, and something you still do not understand. Captain > CE. Not only do you directly ignore orders from the Captain over HAVING SOME FUN ON NEARLY 20 PEOPLE ON THE SERVER WITH GREEN ALERT You have to be a hard ass about it. If you thought i broke any rules. Ahelp it, don’t ignore direct SOP and cry about being demoted, not only that. After making you a station engineer you broke your way back into command to steal equipment. SM explodes and whatnot as well on top of that.

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My bad rule 0 doesn’t exempt them from an admin report.

First of all, the round ID is wrong

now then, let me post the entire ticket conversation

Screen cap of the ticket conversation

As rule 1.1 states: "You must roleplay. You’re a professional working for a major corporation. Act like you want to keep your job. "

Moving a station asset as expensive as the AI for no reason into a area with a bunch of liquids would be iresponsible and thus not incharacter for a captain to do.

Also while its a greenshift, does not mean you should assume NOTHING is happing. its normal day and the AI is normaly inside his satellite, elevated alert levels exist because there is a confirmed thread and prove that todays shift may be abnormal due to hostile agents. You disregarded there safety for again no reason at all.

You then fired the CE over this when they rightfully called you into questioned. IMO way to willy nilly.

Fun only for you and no one else is not fun

I stated you to follow your laws and that i order you directly to unbolt and all that. Though i am tempted to forget about all this now considering this involved two Admins and the fact i got chewed out over this exact same scenario before as a AI makes me think this will go literally nowhere.

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So you can get banned if you move the AI out of sat to the station or shuttle now?

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I didnt ban them? when did I ever even imply this?

im asking generally since you stated that it breakes a rule according to your opinion

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