As non-antag, are you allowed to resist security?

Is it a bannable offense to resist security? To escape perma? To fight an officer who is falsely imprisoning you? Is it bannable to wallpush a security officer chasing you in the halls for a bag check, take their baton, stun them, cuff them, buckle them to a random chair and then run off?

What is the exact level of recourse available to a player who has earned a perma sentence, rightfully or not, as a non-antag?

Basically… if you are being treated as an antag, are you allowed to act like one? And to what extent?

Im not an admin anymore, so don’t take my things literally but running away from security wouldn’t be against any rules I can tell of, there is nothing against escaping non lethally too. Fighting the officer with lethal force for trying to arrest you would probably be considered over escalation and self-antag, and stunning them and taking their baton would probably be powergaming, and then cuffing them to a chair would just be self antag at that point.

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As nonantag you can evade them all you like, just dont harm them.
Stunning them? Perfectly fine
Bucklecuffing em? No.

This has never happened to me.
If you do your job in your department, how does this circumstance appear?

I’ve been asked to be searched, while travelling between depts, and cause I am not an antag or a shitter, I go “sure!” And hand my shit over. We exchange pleasantries and then I go back to doing my job.

Why would you even fight them unless you are self antagging?

What if the clown pulls off a hilarious nonharmful prank that makes sec so mad they perma him. Is he allowed to make a spear in perma, break a window and spacewalk to escape?

If you’re bored you can provoke a seccie (just shove them once or some shit) into trying to arrest you, run away, slip them, take their disabler/baton and discharge them on the seccie, leave the thing next to them and run away. Once I’ve managed to do it three times on one guy before inevitably getting caught and taken revenge on by having my skull harmbatoned in

Name one…

…What kind of prank is getting them to perma him? I think that’s the real question

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It would be incredibly funny to win a stun against security, buckle cuff them in a public place (like the chairs in medbay) and leave their headset on them and all their gear.

If as security, with all your gear and additional rulings in your favor, you lose THAT BADLY (and the perp doesn’t take liberties beyond what I’ve describe) you probably deserve to have to ask the Warden to come rescue you.

That said, most people who fight security as non-antag wouldn’t be able to resist escalating beyond that so I doubt I’ll ever see it.

I’m betting OP is Baguette the Mime. A Warden got banned for being absolute IC/OCC garbage to them last night. Which is shit because they’re the best mime I’ve ever seen (most are just unoriginal overaggro thieves).

I can give you a few.

I have been arrested by security multiple times for refusing to treat a patient the exact way that they tried to order me to. I don’t report to security so I tell them to fuck off and let me do my job every time. I’ve been arrested multiple times for doing this.

I once murdered a security officer for attempting to arrest me after an incredibly obvious self-defense critting of an assistant, which they observed the entirety of; I was building a computer in the hallway, an assistant came up and began bashing the frame with a toolbox, I told them to fuck off, they continued, I shoved them, they hit me with the toolbox repeatedly so I crit them with a welder (I was also asking the security officer to help throughout this). The security officer was standing directly next to me and observed the entire thing, he waited for me to crit the other player and then pulled out his baton and arrested me (I didn’t resist). He took me into maints because he was a shadowperson and was clearly injured, but I had about 6 lights on me and active (PDA light, a flashlight, and pAI with light on), he couldn’t strip them and turn them off in time and dropped into crit, so I just went and stood on top of him with my lights on while I waited for my uncuff timer, which killed him, then took an incredibly long route to bring him to cloning.

I was once arrested as a medical doctor for telling a security officer to leave the treatment room because they were interfering with patients.

Actually that one’s happened a few times.

I don’t think you really grasp how common unreported shitsec is. It’s especially common if you’re a command member telling a sec member they’re trespassing; that’s happened to me multiple times as CMO.


I got permad as clown for making a conveyor belt circle without bananas I couldnt even make them yet

Jeah, i have to side with THE PEOPLE over you on this one aeder.
My entire gimick for mime rounds is to lead sec on a merry chase the whole shift.

As any job besides Clown/mime ? Jeah, you probbably shouldnt be doing crime - though you still can, somewhat.
But as clown/mime its almost expected to have sec try to arrest you at some point. And at that point having a chase instead of going quietly is more fun. Although i guess its somewhat bad RP for non-clown/mime, unless you’re being falsely accused

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I have no side. It was a question. I’ve never had this happen so I was curious how it occurs. I’ve heard of things but never seen them.

The thing is, since security have arrest powers, any kind of slightly adversarial encounter with a member of security holds the risk of arrest if they’re an asshole.

A chaplain got front-brigged for 45 minutes the other day because he refused to bless a tank of water after the HOS Was a huge asshole to them. That HOS got a 7 day jobban but it still ruined that player’s round. The HOS actually took all their stuff, left them in the front brig, opened another Chaplain job slot, and refused to release them under any circumstances until another chaplain arrived on the station 55 minutes into the round. They then gave all of that chaplain’s stuff to the other chaplain.

A warden perma-brigged a mime in the last couple of days and got banned for it.

I’ve been arrested more than once for not setting up the supermatter as an engineer; I don’t know how to set up the supermatter, I’ve been arrested for derelicting of duty while on my way to solars with both of the massive wire spools in my bag even though this is a newbie server.

I was once arrested for using tend wounds on the captain instead of cloning them like the security officer wanted.

I was once arrested because I didn’t fix a security borg immediately as a roboticist, while I was literally in the middle of working on repairing another borg.

I was once arrested as lawyer for coming into the brig. Like, the front hallway, where I have access, right at the start of the round.

I was once brigged for 35 minutes as a non-antagonist for a random ling test, but they ran out of BZ and cargo was broke. Instead of going “Shit, we don’t have tests, never mind” they took me to the brig, put me in a cell, and then left me there. The warden ignored all of my requests and would not talk to me whatsoever, though he was nice enough to come by and flash me once in a while. It was a greenshift.

I mean. Seems a lot, especially when I’ve never had it happen ¯ \ _ (ツ)_ /¯

Maybe it’s about how you talk to people.

Or I’m good at not getting arrested without realising it.

thats because you get them swatted

In many of these encounters, literally nothing was said by me. The lawyer one and the roboticist one I said literally nothing to the sec officer. Same with the engineer-doing-solars ones. On the one where I murdered the officer I was begging them for help throughout the entire fight. I actually had an admin as pAI who thought it was ludicrous.

Why would you attack an officer when they simply want to bag check you is the first question here. Do you think it’s your right to not be searched?

False imprisonment is a different situation. Escaping is fine but if you try to assault people in revenge then you’ll likely be punished for it.

Security’s job is not to only go after antags so the “being treated as an antag” argument is void. It’s to enforce Space Law, and that includes every crew member being subject to it.

Most of the time if there’s a reasonable explanation why you acted this way due to unique events in the current round then you’ll get leeway also.

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