Appeal for Player Smacks

CKEY: smacks

Admin’s CKEY: ro5490

Ban Type: Permanent |||| Length: Forever

Ban Date 2023-04-10 06:16:05

Round ID: 43533

Ban Reason: Validhunting and OOC/IC - As a non-antag miner, went out of their way to validhunt an antag who was holding an emag, ending in security arresting said antag. Going as far as copy-pasting the examine contents of the antag such as their uniform, clothing, held items, and so on. - Round 43433, Character Caesium I, @ 04:42:15 - Explain yourself on the forums.

Appeal Reason: When the antagonist broke into my mining bay I looked at him then he left. I reported to security because I did not wanting to happen again. I do not know of any rules that prohibit me from listing what the antagonist is wearing to the T. Please Either tell me where is the rule, revise the rules, make a rule or please tell me that I am not banned.

Additional Information:

I was a miner who only fears bubblegum and Ash.

I feel a warning would have been better than Permanent ban or even a temporary.

Ro most likely issued a permanent ban because you disconnected before he could bwoink you

Here it is
I don’t see much roleplay happening in here

Thank you for repling so soon and answering the first question for the why the permanent ban.
Roleplay is a concern for this game.
My concern is why saying what a person is wearing is against the rules and is deserving a ban.

I remember this since I rarely play antag.

If I remember correctly i had an optional Objective to Allow access to areas and I decided to do that first.(I may be wrong since it’s been awhile my memory is spotty)
Anyway, I went through cargo to avoid HOS. You spotted me and Chased me from cargo. I stop and used emotes and put a finger to my mouth and Shh to you. that’s when you said No and copy and pasted the examine chat.

My plans was to open Major doors then redress as a doctor Since I left my PDA in a washing machine.

Now, I cannot answer for Ro and his reasoning by I can tell you this much :
You straight up copy and pasted the text from the chat and said it. That is immersion breaking in several ways. For one you blurted out a giant wall of text in a matter of a second, for two, this is about how it looked like. See all those hashtags?


I am bad at typing at speed. Role-playing is my weak point.
I probably wanted to go back mining.
Is Copy and Pasting not good or should I say “owl man broke in.” Look, leave and give up?

Thank you for clarifying your objective. I did not know what you had planned. I assumed the worse though. I did not want to stop mining.

And this is a Roleplaying server, it’s the main focus, so I would suggest working to improve it lest you wish to get into more trouble.

What was your goal with the message, exactly?

I’m sorry about your Doors but my round was Ruined since I got Tracking implanted right after I got arrested and they watched me rest of the round.

Anyway, I stated my side rest is you and the admins.

Thanks for stating

That comment did hurt about my roleplay. Though I am here to still be in the game. So copying and pasting is not a good thing to do I assume. I would like a rule to be made then to prohibit such act so to clarify Your roleplay preference.

I also would like an admin to have to defer to another admin when playing an antagonist when their round is ruined by someone simply doing a copy and paste from the game.

I feel that this was taken personally. I get we both made mistakes. I want to still play even by making mistakes along the way.

What are you even talking about, Rust here is a regular player just like you.

No, we’re simply trying to uphold standards of roleplay.

I am going to take your points one at a time since you do not like long word walls.

I got banned by Admin’s CKEY: ro5490. That is an admin to me and my argument for admin deferment still stands.

I am not going to copy and paste any more text examinations. I encourage you to make a new roleplay rule about this if a copy and paste is still a ban-able offense.

I want to still play.

You seem to deem me unworthy to play a game for making this mistake.

What restitution do you want?

I just want you to understand what you did wrong, it’ll be Ro who processes to appeal and decides the final judgement.

You are completely failing to comprehend what is wrong with how you played this out. It’s not purely the fact you copy-pasted, it’s the complete disregard for RP in general.


This is the rule you broke - no subtext is even required.

TBH this alone is more or less a direct statement that you aren’t interested in the entire purpose of the server. Do you play here only to fight megafauna or something? What compels you to play on an RP server if you don’t want to RP?

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You can remove implants with ghetto surgery.

I guess i can throw some words since i was the officer who responded to your report about the emagman on the radio and eventually even LOOC’d the traitor that what you did was super weird(i believe you also shot the KPA to try and help me?)

Just think about the sequence for a moment:

I come to you, ask you for a description of the prepretator

I expect some vague details that can help me track him like “unknown id, owl mask and suit, went that way”

But i’m immediatly bombarded with a mega fast copy-pasted sentence of the entire Examine panel

Remember we’re supposed to be RP’ing that thimg you did literally caught me off guard because i never saw someone do it like that, you need to remember you’re supposed to play a character with it’s own personality and traits that’s employeed by NT,obviously it would break the immersion to do something like that! We’re just trying to make you understand why it’s wrong to do it.

And of course you didn’t need to help me catch him by shooting your KPA, Remember security is the one that deals with them and you can only act in self defense, we have our rules and escalation policies that i suggest you re-read so you can interpretate what the admins, me and Ruko are trying to tell you

Best of luck.