Apology for recent events

Dear BeeStation,

I’m sorry.

About a week ago, I found an image on a subreddit dedicated to “cringe” content, and without thinking about it, I copied and pasted it into the discord.

Sparing you the details, it was wrong of me to do this, and I should have thought about the nature of the image before posting it in the discord channel.

If a player had posted this image, they likely would have been kicked or banned. As an administrator and this project’s owner, I’m held to a higher standard of conduct than players, and that’s what makes this worse.

The head admins and I are talking about how this situation needs to be handled. I am awaiting their decision, and I intend to fully accept the consequences of my actions, whatever they may be.

Thank you,


Damn, this is really good. This is a very good response.

Unfortunately, cue the memers and the bullshitters and the crazies saying “there’s nothing wrong with that image she’s 5 feet tall which clearly means adult in the animeverse”


This is a serious topic. Harassment and off topic posting will not be tolerated.


I do not think that posting a joke without a second thought gone wrong should be a reason for you to leave, kev.


Apart from the whole drama, you’ve been seeming to be getting really tired, regardless of whatever happens, I suggest taking a break from ss13 for your own mental health.


You made a mistake, or alleged mistake - which I’ve only heard about as of you making this post. You’re a good host. You have an excellent pair of servers, that - while they do require some fine tuning in the rules department - I personally view as the flagship SS13 servers. This post seems like a cry for help, more than anything - a reason for you to give up the administrative ghost. I just sent a similar message, but I firmly believe that administrators should only administrate for about three months at a time, with a subsantial break inbetween, to maintain their sanity. Do not doubt yourself. Do not harry yourself for the potential of having offended someone. I urge you to continue your good works, or hand off total control to someone else who can (temporarily). Hosts, in my eyes, have always been the most valuable people in the SS13 community. They shoulder an immense burden, in exchange for providing people an enjoyable experience.

EDIT: The fact that you worry so deeply about the players is a sign that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be - the Captain of our metaphorical ship.

EDIT 2: For reference, as Zoey has said, the difference between you being here and not being here is the difference between having a server, and not having a server. It’s that simple. You’ve provided me with 150 hours of fun, and others with many, many more. The sum total of your impact has been nothing, but positive. Use that as fuel to overcome your personal doubts.


No matter what stay strong hun. This community wouldn’t be a thing right now if it wasn’t for you so just know you’ve accomplished more than most could ever have for the entire SS13 community. You should be proud of your accomplishments no matter what happens. And I for one am proud to call you my friend.


joe says hes racist for a meme, permaban, no appeal

some dude posts the american x curbstomp scene (which doesn’t show any actual blood, and the whole movie is against racism but ok), permaban, bye

kevster posts an image with beastiality and a child being the main focus
“hey man we all fuck up its alright we’re all here for you”

seriously? look, do i think kev should be “removed” or “step down” or whatever the fuck? no, it probably was a mistake, he just posted some stupid cringe, wasn’t thinking about it, who cares. but goddamn guys, you permaban people for SO MUCH LESS.

shouldn’t an administration team strive to be unbiased? it sure doesn’t seem like you guys are. is someone saying “IM RACIST” as a literal meme such a fucking violation of your emotions that you permaban them, but this is okay? it’s like the second someone with more authority does something like this, the rules just dissapear. same thing with crossedfall coming out and saying that he lets minors handle 18+ content instead of just kicking them off the staff team, even though it seems “paradoxical”, and this is the SOLE REASON he won’t just move the server to be 18+ to allow wgw shitposting and gamer words.

i don’t know, kev isn’t a bad person for doing this, i don’t think someone posting a scene from american history makes them a bad person, i don’t think saying “im racist” for the meme makes them a bad person either. so why permaban any of them? to save face? i don’t understand bruh, make bee great again, stop this fucking north korea level moderation, it’s not working out dude, it’s really, really not working out.

i don’t know, that was just a little rant there, but seriously i don’t like the direction bee is going fellas.


Yes, the shotgun approach to enforcement is not a great one. Hopefully it’ll continue to be debated among the staff. Yes, rule enforcement should be more consistent. This thread isn’t the place to debate it. The issue at hand is that Kev feels he posted something offense, and is willing to subject himself to the same punishments he expects to be executed against everyone. That signals to me an extreme dedication to consistency in enforcement. Fight against the rule. Love the consistency. No, Kev should not step down for posting memes. I don’t believe anyone should. Post about it in the relevant threads. Use this thread to post your personal perspective on Kev’s announcement of self-condemnation. To be clear - I don’t know what the specifics of what he posted are, and I don’t care. BeeStation servers are good servers. The general perspective of the staff are generally positive, and welcoming to all players, despite them forcing that to an unnecessary degree into IC realms where it doesn’t belong, on occasion. I’d rather not have Kev self-flagellate if that means we stiill have servers to play on, to be frank.

Take this with a grain of salt, but at least in my opinion, his apology shows that he is genuinely apologetic for his actions. I think that people in positions of power are still people, and I myself do enjoy making people cringe from time to time. I think that sometimes we forget that when we act while holding these positions, we act for those positions, and our actions, no matter what the reasoning, are examples of what we represent to the whole world. I think that kev here realizes that, and that his apology shows he has a deeper understanding of this than most others in his position. His attitude here is unlike what many others display after they fuck up, and, since the only other time I’ve heard of this guy was in reference to that image (thus giving me a bad view of him), this apology changed my view of him.

Now, I’m in no way qualified to say what should happen here, and I don’t know what being host means. That’s not for me to decide. But I think I speak for several people here when I say that his apology seems very very genuine, and that should count for something. I don’t think he should have everything taken away over a single mistake.


That really is the core of what I’m saying. It’s something that people are very quick to forget. The disparity between the boinker and a boinkee is huge, but remember - staff are human.

EDIT: People who have never administrated really can’t understand this. The strain is immense. There is no compensation, besides the knowledge that one is trying to improve a game they enjoy. This goes double for the host, who is sacrificing actual factual IRL money so that we can enjoy a wonderful codebase.

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“i don’t know, kev isn’t a bad person for doing this, i don’t think someone posting a scene from american history makes them a bad person, i don’t think saying “im racist” for the meme makes them a bad person either. so why permaban any of them? to save face? i don’t understand bruh, make bee great again, stop this fucking north korea level moderation, it’s not working out dude, it’s really, really not working out.”

glad you quoted everything but that dude

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Discuss the enforcement of rules you don’t agree elsewhere, dude. This is about Kev apologizing for something he did. He admits what he did was wrong, under the paradigm of rules that he expects to be enforced. I don’t think he should be as apologetic as he is - it’s his show, after all - but again, this does show an extreme level of dedication to his personal principles. No one should ever have to apologize for that. If Kev wants to step down, no one is going to stop him from stepping down. I don’t think he should, since his alleged sins are not that overbearing in my eyes, but if he wants to uphold the logic he’s established - then he will. At the end of the day - it’s up to Kev’s personal beliefs. He wants rules that he’s made enforced upon himself, as well as everyone else. That’s fine, in fact, it’s great. We should support him in this view, because - again - it shows a dedication to principle. I personally hope that the administrative staff will be kind to him. I like Kev. I support Kev. Fight me.

yeah, i also support kev. i also think he shouldn’t get banned, it’s like you aren’t reading what i quoted, both of you, maggot and you, aren’t reading what i quoted, and instead opt to act tough for literally no goddamn reason

and enforcement of the rules is relevant, considering someone in higher power doesn’t get punished, it keeps fucking happening, over and over. does this mean i want him to get banned? no, i am simply stating facts. kev didn’t do anything wrong, he posted a meme, but other people would get banned for doing that and a simple apology just wouldn’t cut it, which once again, brings up the enforcement of rules.


burn the witch? this seems like a real burn the witch situation

if u watched coven you’ll know what i mean

Let he who never made an inappropriate loli post throw the first insult.

On a serious note, theway I see it, there’s only 2 logical ways this can go:

  1. We keep measures in check as they are, and Kevster will have to get banned for being extra cringe. This will need new administration for discord, maybe new discord server, because Kevster’s offense varrants a temporary, if not permanent ban.
  2. We revise the ERP ruling and allow for a little bit more flexibility. For instance, what Kevster posted is still an offense, but does not warrant a perma ban.
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I’m not gonna judge kev badly here did he post something vile yes did he do it without thinking yes did he break major rules yup but he doesn’t need burning like a witch he admitted his mistake and while it shouldn’t of happened in the first place it’s just that a mistake but now the rules need sorting out more because of this

also I think we should all get 10k bee coins because of this situation happening just to make it up to people but give me 30k bee coins cause I probably put myself on a fbi list checking if it was indeed loli

on a serious note though what was posted was vile and honestly while kev shouldn’t step down or anything like that we need to have rules adjusted and stuff as others have said the rules have been getting tighter and tigher and its not helping anything and while I underage people do play the server DEFINITELY should not be influenced because of that with its rules otherwise its basically going to end up as some kind of kindergarten scenario

the original original beestation didn’t focus on children players and was more lax on rules and while the current rules are great I think the ones regarding the whole nsfw have been changed from lax into some straight up ball and chain type shit and honestly its way to restricting a simple mistake can fuck you over big time hell I’ve seen someone be banned for what would technically be sfw but because of it bordering nsfw they got perm banned I say bordering because a min saw it as straight up nsfw dont remember who the player was but yea

while I understand alot of players are underage the rules definitely shouldn’t just pander to that beestation isn’t a hugbox its definitely not a childs playpen so why decorate it as one ss13 isn’t exactly kid friendly anyway and considering there is literal nsfw in the library in ss13 (on all servers that I’ve seen) kids definitely shouldn’t be playing but anyway as I said the rules shouldn’t be dictated by the fact there are kids playing the staff aren’t the childs parents and neither are the players if a kid is on the server then a kid is on the server we aren’t a safe space server we aren’t a kindergarten we aren’t exactly child friendly (especially other players) so why pretend like we are

Stop focusing on the fact there are underage players and focus on the fact that players are players age means nothing in space station 13 and the more the rules restrict players because oh no underage players the less people can actually play the game in beestation without stepping on eggshells its getting to a point where somehow someway a person can get banned because of wrong talk or wrong think because oh children I honestly believe we should stop thinking of the children

I am going to be full honest and serious when I say this next sentence

A nsfw channel would of prevented this happening I fucking said it and its what others are thinking a nsfw channel would actively stop people posting it in general either for the meme or mistake or lulz or because
it would actively give people a place to put it are there underage kids in the discord sure but with a nsfw channel it gives a warning if those kids go in it its on them if you get a angry parent or something come on about them looking at that channel you can tell them straight up it WARNS a person about it being nsfw and 18+ and if there child is in it then that is not the discords fault its the fault of the child and parent

mind I still don’t think loli of any kind should be posted NSFW channel or no

and I accept the apology personally just give me 30k bee coins just because lol

P.s holy shit did I just in tiredness make this completely readable


its getting to a point where somehow someway a person can get banned because of wrong talk or wrong think because oh children I honestly believe we should stop thinking of the children

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Also, punctuation. But good points.

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