Antag Strawpoll: Hateful Edition

Basically the same as @imbruhtop_richblood 's post but with the antags you hate the most to play against.

  • Changeling
  • Traitor
  • Malf AI
  • Abductors
  • Blood Cult
  • Clock Cult
  • Clown Ops
  • Nuke Ops
  • Sentient Disease
  • Revenant
  • Blob
  • Wizard
  • Space Ninja
  • Blood Brothers
  • Revolutionaries
  • Devils
  • Gangs
  • Hiveminds
  • Xenos
  • Pirates

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No swarmers? Those guys are atrocious when you don’t have guns and they eat all the minerals.

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only 20 options allowed.

I had to delet Swarmers, IAA and Morphs
sad moments.

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The only ones that really make me cringe are rev head and blood bro. Rev head has to avoid the action and convert to win reliably, which is lame. In blood bro, I feel like I am carrying my partner half the time, only for them to die like a tard.

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I can endure revs.

I can endure Blobs.

I can endure EI NATH wizards.

But god fucking damnit fuck the cults.

Mostly clock cult.
But God damn blood cult is a bitch too. That’s why I love being chap and killin’ the cult in Hippie.

One time I just steamrolled Clock Cult in hippie and literally killed 6 out of 8 culties in hippie.

rev rounds are pretty fun

unless if you’re a fucking head then the game becomes a survival game where you’re paranoid of everybody that isn’t sec or a fellow head of staff
and god forbid if you try walking into medbay that place is always a fucking deathzone with like 20 revs in there at all times

Blood cult is legit my favorite. Clock cult needs it’s defense phase reworked though, it’s boring.

I swear, half the time I play as a head, it’s revs, and I end being the last man standing. I usually just have to bumrush the last rev, because wvwryone else is dead.

it’s very fucking ironic how in rev rounds, the ONE PLACE where you can get healed becomes completely fucking scary and atrocious, whereas Cargo, the one place where only chads and people with murderous intent go, becomes a safe haven and a must have.

The irony is spectacular.

  • Be me
  • HoP
  • Hear flashes
  • Fuck this shit
  • AA


  • Suicide bomber comes in. and kills us all.

I love Bee.

no space dragon

worst poll

Voted wrong but here’s my beef. revs and IAA are a shitshow. Lings are practically untraceable if you don’t catch them in the act or if they forget to switch IDs and clothes. Also, fuck swarmers for eating the minerals and that one damn trick with the handcuff teleports. I hate it so much.

I subvert the AI to “only heads and sec are human” then order a plasma/n2o flood. Probably should have been banned for that, but it won me most of my HoP rev rounds.

Bro only 20 options,

Tell qwerty to screw off with the number twenty. Twenty characters, twenty votes, it’s lame.

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cock cult

fix those three and you’ll deal with about half of the gameplay related issues for the entire game


lings longs n blob r kinda crigne ngl

cock cult literally gets robusted on lrp because everyone bands together and fucks them up

cock cults gonna get removed anyways


bottom text chef good

also why is immovable rod not on the antag strawpoll list