Allow AI to choose its roundstart lawset

I personally dont play AI that much but this seems like a no brainer for improving quality of life for people who play a lot of AI.


^ this. Of course only a limited amount of AI laws should be selectable. No “Quarantine” shenanigans or anything of the sort.


Yes so i can choose corporate every round.

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Im good with this as long as there is no Asimov. Assholes will pick it just so they can annoy non humans.

The only lawsets i want in rotation:

OXygen is toxic to humans
Protect station


I wouldn’t trust Ai players with taking care of a pet rock without trying to find a reason to murder it, even less letting them choose ruleset for them to follow every round.


Paladin Lawset roundstart, please.

Thats because all the chad ais are on golden.

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Crewtimov round start please

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That is not a good idea. If you’d include lawsets that aren’t crew/asimov most silicon players would choose lawsets that let them validhunt more.

I’m kind of into this idea.


It would have a few neat side-effects as well:

  • players can’t powergame their race for ai laws depending on the server to gain benefits
  • more diversity in how the shifts play out
  • cap&rd can still change laws as usual, and might be incentivized to do so
  • AI mains have more freedom regarding their server choice
  • more fun for AIs as they can choose one of the approved lawsets that fit their playstyle

As if Crewsminov AIs dont validhunt already?

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someone’s excited, good to see.

*most chad players


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I don’t know if this is something I’d actually create or not… But this is probably how I would do it.

  • At the start of each round, AIs are given a short period of time (5-minutes?) where they are allowed to pick a lawset from a pool of semi-random options
  • During the selection period, the AI is given a default lawset (probably asimov/crewsimov)
  • If no lawset is selected, the AI should be given either a random lawset or a pre-set option (e.g. crewsimov)
  • The laws available in the pool should be configurable (probably within the game_options file)
  • Lawsets should be rotated in a way that promotes diversity (Maybe save the most recently selected law and lower its chances to show up again?)

Also I would like to point out how AI and captain/RD can have conflicts about this, AI chooses paladin or something, captain/RD rushes to change it at roundstart, AI is upset, AI is so upset, AI being salty. This simply overrides an option player can choose and ignores it completely.

Outside of the usual shitter abuse, this would probably be one of the main concerns with such a system. Ultimately it’d be an IC conflict, but it would be pretty shit if AIs were constantly “reset”

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You could always enforce a rule that unless you have good reasoning, you cant change the AI’s lawset.

And actually fucking enforce it.

It’s an IC conflict and realistically should be handled as such.