Aeder1 Badmin Report

CKEY: TeomanTheGreat

Your Discord: TeomanTheGreat

Offender’s CKEY: Aeder1

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Beemin ( Was in dead chat pretty sure it was aeder this is 100 percent not the name he plays with )

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 7/29/2020

Round Number: 19188

Rules Broken (if relevant): 

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): Almost ruined the sentient disease's round and every other antag still alive. ( not sure if this is an actual part of admin conduct broken but ahealing someone so they can nuke is pretty scummy )

Incident Description: The captain was ahealed out of crit so the cap could nuke the station and prevent the virus from greentexting. 

Additional Information: The captain was stopped by the borgs from nuking the station so the nuke didnt go off. Im pretty sure this was Aeder you guys can check the logs. Im fine with him giving nuke codes but ahealing crosses the line.

I feel like there’s lack of context here.Why did he aheal cap.How did the cap die?

captain was dying from a sentient disease

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as far as admin behavior goes, it was pretty fucked. He was all “no its okay he is roleplaying” which you know, would have been fine if he hadnt done the aheal. The captain wanted to blow the station so we wouldnt infect centcom, which is stupid but as far as RP reasons, I get it. and I get why centcomm would send the codes. And thats were the admin action should have stopped. Ahealing him from crit was the issue. I would have put money on the sentient disease not getting a token for the admin interference either. People were already mad about the captain recalling after over half the station had died. The aheal was the cherry on top.

The three admins on were Risky, Bloons, and Aeder. Bloons claimed to have just gotten on, which I cannot prove or disprove since I hadnt checked before he got on. If we take him for his word, which is usually decent with him, it was either Risky or Aeder. People are dogpiling aeder for two reasons. One, the community opinion of him isnt great. Two, despite everyone blaming him, he never said anything. He just kept quite and waited for it to blow over.

The captain survived to the end of the round because of this aheal. He would have died in his office to the virus, and that would have been that. Instead he made it all the way to centcomm.

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@Ruko mind taking a look at this and help us figure out who did this? ( it was probably aeder )

Wasn’t the cap ling? I can’t check previous round rn cause the next went to fast. But I remember seeing someone saying he was antag. If so he’d just revive and proceed to nuke the station anyway, right?

lings cant full heal from crit
if he WAS a ling he would have to go into revive stasis which makes it look like your dead and it takes a bit. This was instant and he didnt look dead at all ( i was a ghost with muh medhud on )

edit: he also got cured from the virus when he got ahealed too

Lings can heal from practically everything there is:genetic mutations/diseases/toxins/all types of damage/limb or internal organs loss if they have proper ling mutations for this,pretty sure viruses too.And revival is instant after delay has passed,so the way to understand if it was ling revival or aheal is the delay,not the fact that it was instant and the fact that he got healed of virus doesn’t prove either.If he was lying in crit for quite some time,it mightve been enough for ling heal,don’t think medhud will show death if ling presses stasis while alive.Admins will check logs for this tho so can just leave it to them as well

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medhuds do show death whenever lings are in stasis lol

The point is - not much would’ve changed. Not like it was right to aheal but still

sir its a nuke if the ai didn’t shut off power to the vault everyone would have died

I see your point. Still, like 90% of station was dead by that time and it was basically the end of the round anyways. If he stayed in stasis for a minute and revived things would probably still be the same. Ai did a good job though. Aheal was wrong but the whole fuss in OOC and deadchat was overdramating.

cap wasn’t a ling as far as i remember also if the nuke gets armed the shuttle wont launch

The captain was not a changeling, they did not pray to be ahealed, they had no healing on them. The captain themselves was upset with the aheal. they thought it ruined the whole RP thing that they were going for. The main reason it is a big deal is because it was going to result in a station self destruct, and would have directly cost an antagonist their greentext. The action was almost a major incident. If the station had been nuked, I would be livid about it. But instead I’m just concerned that there is an admin that thinks interfering with rounds like that is okay, and acceptable.

Can we get some logs going in here?

@GameAdmin give us da logs

Cap was not ling:

[2020-07-29 21:43:52.831] Thatguythere03 \ John Nanotrasen \ Captain \ NONE \ LATEJOIN

Aeder ahealed the cap:

ADMIN: Aeder1/(Beemin) healed / Revived Thatguythere03/(John Nanotrasen).

Could not find a pray log and cap mentions several times that he did not prayed.
So from what I see Aeder saw that cap is actually RPing and decided to help him in nuking the station so that his RP is complete.