Aeder1 Admin/Mentor Report

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: Ulrichenstein

Your Discord: Ulrichenstein

Offender’s CKEY:Aeder1

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): N/A

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 9/11/2020

Round Number: 21128

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): 

### Banning Policy: Server bans are to be given out when a player has shown to be non-compliant with our rules or is activity malicious towards the server, the staff, or other players.
### Impartiality and transparency: Ensure tickets and situations are handled equally across all 
### Ticket Conduct: Obviously, handle tickets respectfully and do not be condescending or aggressive in admin PM’s. It is only an atmospherics simulator game for clowns.

Incident Description: The admin banned me for treating someone who I didn't kill, as an antag for stealing items that belonged to me. Under the theft section of the rulings on certain events, my item that was stolen from me was from a necropolis chest. In order to ensure I didn't get the item back when I put the miner in crit, the miner threw themselves in lava to burn the item. The other miner witnessed it. Aeder messed me and said I lied in the admin ticket about "killing" the guy, blaming me for the guys decision to kill himself in a fire. The fact the guy would have been considered self antag is one thing, but the other thing is that I didn't kill him and wasn't going to kill him. The server ban wasn't from me breaking a rule and the admin has ruled different than the rulings state. The admin asked me a question in a ticket and didn't even let me finish answering before they disconnected and permanently banned me. This is extremely condescending and arrogant.

Additional Information:
Edit: Added extra information
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More readable format.

Considering the fact you got perma’d I’m going to assume context is missing.

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after reading the appeal, I have to agree with the report here. He didnt even wait for the dude to finish his side of the story. the second anything was even mentioned about him attacking the dude, he got perma banned. The logs didnt even actually support the ban, aeder just made assumptions about what the logs didnt show. There is more log support against the original report than there was for. It was theft of a unique item, and killing him wouldnt have been too far out of the question, but he didnt get killed.

Over all it feels like bad conduct. He was cut off while explaining, the logs dont even support the ban, and the ban was a perma ban over something so minor that technically isnt even against the rules.


Although I don’t really know who’s at fault here, Aeder is terrible when it comes to waiting for both sides of the story. I agree with the report, wouldn’t be the first time Aeder banned someone falsely because they didn’t wait for a reply.

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@GameAdmin gonna have a look at this, seems like a pretty serious issue

I originally assumed context was missing. But that doesn’t seem to the case which makes me wonder why this was even ever a perma?


Wow I didn’t even see that it was a perma ban, something is seriously wrong unless @Ulrichenstein is purposely leaving information out

yeah that’s what I was wondering about.

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I wish more admins did a type of;

hey this needs more context that im not able to get right now so goto the fourms and make a topic about it so we can get both sides, if you dont within X time il assume you’re guilty

a sort of pending investigation type deal, rather than just permaban you untill you can make an appeal (which can take weeks to close sometimes, even if you’re innocent)


Yeah, I mean look at this thread, keeps getting bumped but no admin response in two days.

Ban appeal was already resolved. Hate to the bringer of notifications but @GameAdmin probably wanna resolve this.

I mean @AEDER was assigned to this thread a day ago, you think he would be a little more active

Ban reports are usually quite quiet, don’t worry bout it.

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There is very little that I can add here that isn’t in the ban appeal that was dealt with I believe 20 minutes after the appeal was made.

The banning panel takes time to open and fill out so I did not see the last two lines of reply from the OP.
Ticket dealing with went as follows :

guy ahelps stating they were killed by another miner for “taking something they didn’t know was his”
open logs for both involved players
see no speech at all, no logs of grabbing or taking items
see many logs of OP killing the guy by many shots of PKA with no fighting back from original ticket creator
notice combat stops at -4hp, effectively dead, more so on lava land as nobody gets rescued there
bwoink attacker “hey why’d you kill the guy”
”I didn’t kill him, he ran into lava on his own”
brain goes ???
”I didn’t even shoot the guy at all”
check hours and see low amount
standard procedure : low hour man kill and do bad then lie
due to what logs show and dealing with other tickets I am not going to argue yes no yes no till you change your mind
pleas explain on forums
ban changed, ~20 minutes later in thread as I waited for it and got logs to have a discussion that is better than yes you did no I didn’t in ticketmode

Not much for me to add or say here this just awaits @GameAdmin

If anything I apologise for not having more patience to do the back and forth in ticket. Blatant lies are aggravating to say the least and I’m sorry I didn’t give you more time to explain why you said you didn’t shoot him when the logs showed you did.

tbh you should know epi/miner pens exist and it’s not that hard to get up from soft crit.


He didn’t have any Epi pen in him currently. And why would I believe anything a guy says that lies to me twice in both responses.

-4hp is the time you will choke out and bleed to death if not as you said given an epi pen and nobody is coming to get your toasty corpse from lava land.

Line 1496: [2020-09-11 07:12:05.669] ATTACK: Jockeybane/(Sean Nikoh) has injected Jockeybane/(Sean Nikoh) with the survival medipen (Salbutamol, Leporazine, Tricordrazine, Epinephrine, Lavaland Extract and Omnizine)

The perp injects himself with a survival pen a few seconds before he gets shot by Ulrich

Line 1623: [2020-09-11 07:13:01.958] ATTACK: Ulrichenstein/(Marcus Pollio) has shot Jockeybane/(Sean Nikoh) with the kinetic force (NEWHP: -4) (Lavaland Wastes (73, 44, 5))
Line 1632: [2020-09-11 07:13:05.341] ATTACK: Ulrichenstein/(Marcus Pollio) has grabbed Jockeybane/(Sean Nikoh) passive grab (NEWHP: 0) (Lavaland Wastes (74, 44, 5))

By the time the guy hits soft crit, a whole minute after the pen is injected, we can literally see him still healing from -4 to 0. This is presumably how he got up and hobbled into the lava to burn to a crisp.

The ban appeal was already accepted, Ulrich only ever showed intent to get his loot back, and he never lied about the logs- How did any of this seem perma worthy to you?

Also worth asking why you later assumed he dragged him into the lava to kill him?


Most of your post has been responded to with quotes from this and the other appeal and explained how i dealt with it.

No, this is wrong, you start to choke from bloodloss and it takes a while. I’ve seen many people recover their roasted buddies from lavaland.
Not to mention that in softcrit you can still move.