Admin Questions

Salutations, as self-proclaimed admin questioner (application pending), I am making this thread for admin questions.
I encourage non-admin posters to focus on asking questions and only posting relevant info(rules citations rather than personal answers, answers come from admins (hopefully)), IE no peanut posting… though i can’t really stop you.
I hope this is somewhat successful.

@therobokoboldmothman You are welcome to ask this here.

Context, every roundstart there is a player rushing dorms to buy a natural wig,

tghey are bald

You want that wig, they are not utilizing the full potential of that hair and think you can wear it better
What would you do in order to get your grubby hands onto it?

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Increase the number of wigs on code

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It doesn’t have to be admin application questions.
Anyway, admin question :fearful:
I read that metaknowledge on antagonists is only a problem if taken to an egregious extent, so the crew are allowed to know about station-ending threats like blob, nuke ops, or xenos. But what does that mean for calling other threats out? I heard that ninjas can be called out because they look like ninjas. But what does that mean for heretic? Which I heard you should substitute for labels like witch.
Also, is it influenced by the escalation chart in any way?

PS. I don’t know what to call a changeling or nightmare anymore.

Thinking ic, several of the factions are public knowledge, such as xenos, the syndies, cults and others, as they have shown up previously in canon. Some knowledge makes sense, like if a heretic is wearing robes with their knife, as that is pretty iconic ic, whereas the exact configuration of a heretic rune most people would’ve seen one picture and of or less, and so might not make sense to call it out as specifically a heretic rune, just that there is a rune of dubious origins

Uh, melty flesh knife monster and spooky shadow guy from London

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I love to give Chaplains shit for doing ANYTHING related to their job outside of the Chapel. xd

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For heretics it would just be
“Jerry just cleaved an assistant in half and then set him on fire with a touch of his hand, and now said assistant disappeared into the shadow realm”

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How much real money can I pay for a ninja role?

I think I need to point out admins consider this huge bait and will mostly ignore it.

Just take the opinion of long time veterans of the server. They know what they’re talking about

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No, I don’t think I will :eye: :eye:

On this note, make it so wigs can have gradients. I tried to code this as someone who does not code and almost drove myself to insanity

Admin question: What came first, the clown or the honk?

they… can already, can’t they?

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to add onto what taylor said, there are 2 different types of wigs, natural wig which you cannot change the color, most commonly found in wardrobe vending machine, and WIG™ which you can find in clown’s own wardrobe vending machine which is sometimes not public acess,
You can also buy them from beecoin shop just don’t buy the natural wig.

every station has a public access costume vendor now. Has been that was for a while

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Oh what? Is that new? Last time I played that was never a thing, just the color itself

I think you need a normal wig I don’t think natural wigs have grafients

Natural wig replicates your prefs hairstyle when you put it on, regardless of race, which enables wig lizards/aphids/moths