Admin Bans for Questions? - Admin "Complaint"


TL:DR: Admin rules conflict with written down IC AND OOC Rules and wiki, very confused newb.

I didn’t find a “how to make a complaint guide”, so sorry if this is formatted wrong.

In round 19905, I was following the guide for scientists to making bombs. I did try for several rounds before to get a good bomb, but never got very far. If you think I am lieing my ass off, please perma ban me if I ever made a successful max cap bomb before the one in round 19905.

I worked my ass off, doing everything wrong and testing 4 bombs until the 5th and last was made. I didn’t suspect or assume it to be a perfect bomb any more then i did with the last 20 or so attempts I fucked up.

The Head of Security showed up, I said hi and used the *wave, to which he answered by “5x HoSFires energy gun…” (Scienst-build-your-bomb-here-room for me, him outside) - he never talked to me or anyone - also, noone ever came in, nor did I ever leave the department.

I have to assume the AI send HoS to arrest me for making a max cap bomb (which the AI (~some might say a admin with extra information, because the AI didn’t care for the previous 4 bombs??) - which might be human harm. I wasn’t sure what was going on, as all I saw as a guy that came in, ignored talking attempts and blasted the shit out of me. So I pressed the bombs button to at least die in glory, knowing fully well I never made a single bomb bigger then 5 titles so far.

And it was a max cap, but before I ever saw that or was dead, I was hit with a “Admin whyiscaeciliustaken: ?” and I asked whats wrong he said “You made a max cap” to which i very confused and really not meaning to be a dick asked “Is making a bomb against ic or occ rules? I was following the wiki. I didn’T want to break any rules, can you tell me what I did wrong? Or show me how to it right next round?”

(Yes, littearly, that paethic, so curious to explore this game…)

To which i received “Banned 2 weeks” for maxcapping science.

Another admin even wrote in OOC afterswards “To be fair AI was trying to frame him” and some other players also clarifyied that whyiscaeciliustaken had made a weird call.

I used those last 2 weeks to play on more newbfriendly servers and I now know that the issue was obviously me blowing up a maxcap bomb - I really didn’t know, unless you expect someone to play 10+ rounds fucking up every bomb they try to then only do one thing: Kill themselves and the Adminsbuddy/admin who shot 5x rounds in a scientist following the guide to the letter.

So my question is:

Is making a Max cap as scientist, then being reported for that (max cap never left scienst, all previous bombvs where in test area, too) a real ic or ooc valid report or just grieifng supporter by whyiscaeciliustaken?

Making a maxcap then use it for research points should be okay

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Asking if that is okay got me a 2 week ban, I don’t know. I saw "most newb friendly server and joined that, but uff,… and how did the AI even know it was a max cap? Weird as fuck.

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You got the two week ban for activating it; if you hadn’t activated it you could have ahelped the hos for arresting you for no reason. Making maxcaps for research points is literally why science has atmos shit

You don’t just get banned for making a max cap as a scientist unless you used it as a non-antagonist in a public area.

Scientists are able to make bombs and test them in the designated bomb testing range, what is your CKEY?


And yes, that is what happend to me. Thinking about it logically and knowing that the rules written down are obviously what are the real rules most of the times, I just need to check if caluem is online and then not play with him there.

I also talked to other admins about it, they said “he just is like that” and thats just what it is.

I also made sure to wait the two weeks for the ban to be over before writing a complaint, to ensure this isn’t just a salty boy, but a real question to me.

You armed a maxcap in the middle of science, completely destroying the entire department, because the HoS tried to arrest you.

For reference, there are two main types of toxins bombs made; Research bombs and regular maxcaps.

Research bombs take a long time to make, and use advanced gases to do so. They have a massive radius, or would if the server’s bomb cap didn’t inhibit them to prevent grief. They’re worth a load of points.

Maxcaps just about hit the maximum bomb cap and no more. They’re easier and faster to make and have the same firepower, but are worth next to no research points. This is the type of bomb you made. As there is no purpose for a regular maxcap beyond blowing holes in the station, the HoS moved to arrest you and you detonated it.

The problem was not you making a bomb. The problem was you using said bomb to destroy an entire department because you were being arrested.

Since I got the whole story, this is quite bad. Yes it is a long ban but now I got the whole story this seems like a case of non-antag bombing and destroying an entire section not only screws things up, it also creates an unplayable workplace for others since it was obliterated…

True, had I had any idea what I was doing, I would have avoided that. Clearly max capping anything as a non antag besides the toxins test area (where I was going, as the last 19 bombs suggested) is bad.

This is about the admin saying: “Shoting the scientist in the face for doing his job, AI using admin tools to meta game know its a max cap bomb (no other way, or?) and then the scientist fighting back is not acceptable, you are supposed to let him shot you, grief you for 5 minutes, complain in f1 for 15 minutes and then at least not get banned.” - as the default Scientist gameplay loop.

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  1. No Self-Antagging or Grief

Self-antagging includes damaging the station, attacking other players without a valid reason, and subverting the established chain of command as a non-antagonist role.

Do you understand that suicide bombing and destroying an entire department because you were being arrested is massive self-antagging and overescalating the situation?

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OF course, as said - had I known its size and paniced a bit less, yes. I also didn’t know that making bombs is illegal and that getting shot with disabling beams = “please dont resit arrest” - you guys should add that on the wiki and some point, cause i thought i was being murdered by some traitor.

Adding another issue, it says “X fires energy gun” - but only when you get hit it says “hit by disabler beam” - is there anyway to really properly ideinfity a situation where its the “arrest laser, if you even run away its a ban” or the “traitor murdering you laser, you may push them over” without getting hit?

(And yes, I fully understand that max capping anything is not a corret self defence response. I knew there was noone else near me, since It was only me and another scientist working xenobio the entire shift. None but the HoS died either and I littearlly got hit with the “?” in the same 10 seconds, so… yeah its obvious to me now:

whyiscaeciliustaken was the HoS who told his AI buddy in Discord i made a max cap, most likly from a admin popup, who in turn gave him a “hey sir, the Scientist made a fucking max cap which i herby declear illegal, when he talks to you or waves, just ignore it and show him in the face” - then embarced by getting blown up by a panicd first timer (even more funny, noone else died, his ego died and he banned. The ban message was changed quite a few times for some reason."

At least thats the worst case I gotta assume.

Thanks for the feedback so far, I am getting a better feel for the details.

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It’s common sense to not resist arrest and blow up the entire department.

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Please define arrest.

If a security officer is trying to detain you, they are more likely going to use disablers to detain you.

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What he said, if they open fire with disablers (blue beams) it means they have already made the conscious decision to not kill you on the spot. Blue lasers are harmless and only deal stamina damage.

Interesting accusation of metagaming between hos and ai via discord

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Bruh this man literally thought his bomb was used for science and that it was only a few tiles. Additionally, he thought he was being killed. Don’t ban someone for not understanding what is happening.


You know, this is a pretty damn common excuse that griefers use, so it’s worth to be cautious.


I was only pretending to be an idiot!

I mean to confirm we could pull logs from previous rounds he has played in to confirm his practice of bombs- allowing us to confirm he’s not a briefer, or a very smart one

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