Add some missing stuff to Corgstation

Here are some things that I’ve noticed are missing from Corg.
Hydroponics doesn’t have a grinder and a chem master, which makes it difficult to find out how many chemicals your plants contain.
Virology should have at least two biohazard lockers at the entrance.
CE’s office should not have a door leading to a public hallway IMO.
The way to the Chapel and the Courtroom is very awkward and several latejoin chaplains have struggled to find in.
The Burn chamber in the Toxins lab should have a button that opens the shutters to space and the Air Alarm should be moved out of the airlock.
This damn wire should be fixed to stop Engineers from going crazy when seeing it.
The highlighted airlocks should have proper names. Currently they show up just as “airlock” when inspected.
And finally, Robotics should have some spare cable coil, it doesn’t have any right now.


Also minor note, corgs library lacks console for printing pictures all other stations have.

Also please add some canvis’s to corg and mountings for saving paintings.


Personally, I wish stations were less homogeonized and each had different non-vital amenities in departments.


Do you really want bonatists to run to the kitchen or chemistry each time they want to check a plant’s chemical contents? Remember how it was before botany had a minor chem dispenser, they’d just steal one from chemistry or build one themselves.


I think that’s exactly what Ruko wants, because they think it’ll make the botanist ask the chef or chemist to analyze it for them rather than just making them doorsurf or tablehop in. Maybe they will. I’m no clairvoyant.


Another missing item that I seem to notice absent is good design


This 100% as long as the design of the station is efficient.
I also never really liked how botany has their own chem machines really. Kind of makes them isolated from the rest of the crew.

I do, yes, want the botanists to rely on and work with other departments. Just like I want for all departments to rely on and work with each other. Nothing you have listed is vital for botany - only for the creation and fine control over producing absurdly powerful plants.

All of the things listed are great points to be one-ofs on a single station each, not treated like must haves. Ask chemistry for chemical analysis of plants on the station without one.

I’m not getting into how incredibly stupid botany getting its own chem dispenser on every map was all over again.


The random element of plant mutations can be far too punishing if for every plant you have to bother a chemist for mutagen refills.
If anything it would only push botanists to using nerfed plumbing for mutagen instead.

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The problem lies with saltpetre, namely in how you need a whole 100u of it to lower maturation speed by 1. And you can easily spend 5000+u in a round. Do you really think any chemist will give you that much?
I don’t mind unstable mutagen getting removed from the chem dispenser, you can reasonaby quickly grow your own after asking chemistry for some to mutate the pumpkins.

/tg/ doesn’t have them. You know what happens? One chem dispenser mysteriously gets transported from chemistry into botany, every single round. Also see my point above, botanists need way too much saltpeter for chemistry to comply with their requests.
Inb4 “but you can make saltpetre if you get lucky with the strange seeds”


Botany uses large amounts of saltpetre and mutagen. Where are they going to get those chems from without their own dispenser? Chemistry? what kind of chemist is going to be willing to pump out tens of thousands of units of saltpetre/mutagen over the round?

Grow their own saltpetre? With what oxygen gene? The nitrogen is only even obtainable from gatfruit.

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(mfw quote fail. Too lazy to fix)

I sympathise with your goals big man but if you think removing these machine are gonna make botanists interact with chemistry instead of silently breaking in to use the chem machines themselves or stealing them from chemistry/board storage then you do not know the average bee player like you think you do


Yes. I agree with this statement.


The problem isn’t even “oh I need to go out of my autsim fort and talk to people” it’s "the chemist can’t/doesn’t want to give me 700u of Saltpeter and another 500u in a couple of minutes. Botany requires chems on an industrial scale and that is something the chemist can’t provide unless he completely ignores making healing chems.

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Cargo: Front Office needs reworking. Needs 2 tiles of space by the ORM so miners can drop off ore without having to push the Ore Box to the ORM. Also needs a desk with a window so someone can man the desk and interact with people outside the department, as well as letting people drop off bounties.

Atmo: still needs the spaghetti piping fixed, would settle for piping not being randomly hidden by tiles. Maybe indicator of which pipes go to SM and TEG.

The Station name above Arrivals needs to have the colour changed so it doesn’t look like it’s the entrance to Sec.

Move Gateway and Aux Base out of Maint.

Wasn’t this adressed by this PR?


Apparently the Armory is completely missing riot shotguns.

ORM point still stands. Needs 2 empty spaces between computer and table not 1.

That’s fair. I think you can just message VickiMorris/ Vicki(Breathes-The-Ash) in the discord and she’ll fix it.

A few of these fixes were just merged last night