Absolute Crapola tier ideas thread

This is perfect

Every hand action takes “energy” and “energy” much recharge every 24 hours( this is great because you then cant rush trough the game and have good pacing) but if you REALLY wanted too you can play for Grey bull energy drinks to refill your energy getting more play time in the server.


this is particularly funny because there is only 1 grey bull per vending maching

Rage Cage Station
Replace all walls with electrified grills


have Moke energy

Space Station
Have all structures replaced by empty space


What if we added louie to the game?


I hate to bring it up, but we’ve been at 57.14% of our maximum allowed pop (70 players) since debtor was removed. #BringbackDebtor.


Miners should have access to SCI for the purpose of kicking egg-head ass when they cry for MATS but don’t provide Mining research *

(*Not providing mining research within 8 minutes, Sin, Unforgivable, Blasphemous)

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Lawyers except when you sign up you immediately get admin access.

Ban anyone who breaks Space Law or SoP

CAAs Plus Plus

You must prove that a human name fits the guidelines by providing a birth certificate or local equivalent for someone named the name you want to use.

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If you get bwoinked, you can tag the lawyer in to argue on your behalf.
If you don’t get banned, you owe the player $100.