A question on metagrudge

If I saw a guy (as his pAI) go to charlie station, deconstruct the single lathe in that entire area for something called an “omnilathe”, steal it even thought doing so would strand the person there forever, and leave, all as non-antag on MRP, can I, as Cap, Hop, or AI, reasonably deny them EVA access so they don’t do similarly shitty things again to other people?

Or is that metagrudge?

Pretty sure that would be metagaming, though that was really shitty on the thief’s part

on my end or what? I think you’re allowed to remember some stuff about others from previous rounds, long as it isn’t negative, but this is something that could ruin someone ~else’s~ round, which is why I care. Besides, the guy has done it (go for the EVA gear, grab an air canister then heck off to “explore”) AT LEAST twice since, going so far as to straight up hack their way in, breaking the jetpack window as well, (which is powergaming right?) and then hack their way out after I bolted it as AI (because they literally broke in and stole stuff, that’s what antags do)

implying that Charlie station staff should be leaving the station :thinking:

and needing to ask if this is metagrudge certainly puts that player report under a new light

the exact words from the stranded player were, “HEY! I NEED THAT TO REPAIR THE STATION!” shouted as the guy was leaving the station, when she finally figured out what had happened.


(for real though this is the second time you’ve brought up an old, closed report that only you care about, and then claimed that I have a metagrudge against you, chill man)

If the admin were based, he’d gib him and turn him into a sentient omnilathe board, while giving the original back along with some apolagetic bluespace crystals on his behalf.



bruh moment

If I could still edit the title I would change it to “A question on why the FUCK someone necroed my 4 month old thread”

I don’t care. I felt like necroing it.


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