A proper guide to becoming security

The ultimate guide to becoming what most people call "GOOOODSECCC

It is important to keep in this is my opinion of what how i like to play security

Starting out as a security officer

Gear up: Attach a sec lite to your disabler, and get a 2nd 1 for your helmet, ditch the armor vest, get a security jacket instead, as it offers protection to your arms at the cost of -5 melee resistance

Berets are worse than helmets, as they do NOT provide more damage resistance, they provide less, and a sec lite cant be attached to them.

The warden’s purpose


Going on patrol:

Most of the time, you are assigned to a department, you can hear the respective communications channel, If you are assigned, Watch over the department, Deter rapscallions who break in, And overall assist the department
Dont forget sec outposts have a single cell, which can act as a normal brig cell, useful for making someone serve a sentence without going all the way to the brig, It can also act as a holding cell for certain people of heretical belief *Revs and cultists)

If however you are NOT Assigned to a department:

This is a great day to start roleplaying! Even the typical donut addict security officer that takes bribes in the form of donuts can go a long way in getting the crew liking you.

Handling situations:

Remember, even if they dont comply, you can always batong or disabler them.
If a crime is something like shoving or stealing a stethoscope, medkit, or tools, or punching, give them a short

Even if blue or red alert, random searches aren’t needed such as blobs, nuke ops, morphs or nightmares, these are obvious threats that a crew member can easily spot, so don’t do searches when these are the main reason for a raised alert level

Deception antagonists like traitors and changelings are allowed for Random searches.

Head of security’s purpose:

You are there to prevent security from turning into shitcurity, in general, you CAN patrol, but your underlings can do that for you, best you stay in the brig, and leave from time to time.

Remember, your taser electrodes are there to start an arrest, followed up by some disabler shots.


Investigate crime, only use your revolver for self defense, self defense classifies as:
Someone attacking you
Someone breaking into a secure area
Someone attacking someone
Someone comitting a capital crime

This role requires more brains than brawn, as you need to understand, WHO IS LYING? WHO IS DA SUSSY IMPOSTA THAT WANTS TO KILL US!!


At some point playing security, you will encounter antagonists: Remember, these are the main driving force for a round, so some extent of goodwill should be extended to them: Here is how to handle each one

A: An antagonist is doing a gimmick like saw, you can either play along and compete in traps to save your victims, or come along with a gimmick of your own.

B: An antagonist is just completing their objectives, give’em the normal antag treatment, but at least make the punishment somewhat interesting: (A traitor forced to do community service for stealing)


This is my shitty guide on how to play sec


Perma and execution are dick moves against traitors who hadn’t comitted a crime of sorts, just carrying contraband, You must think: Did the crimes affect anybody? If so, how badly? Do they just keep coming back? Are they a dangerous threat? Have they shown ability to reform?

Of course you could just perma/Execute any valid you find, but that’s being an asshole, Turning the round into a greenshift, and i will fucking murder you if i play HOS, if an admin bwoinks me “I am making a judgment call, by killing him, I have preserved the fun of the round”


how good is the pepper spray? Is an antag with welding/sunglasses as well as bangproof immune to pepperspray?

Makes-The-Revolution Warden main here, I agree with your Warden part, too many Wardens tend to go out of the brig and there is no Warden left to update recods, set the timers or guard the Armory.

When shift starts I remember the Officers that if they need anyone set to arrest for any charges, they must tell me through radio, and when they arrest them, they must let me set the records and timers appropriately. I love this kind of Roleplay, as it fits how the Warden job is supposed to be played.

I also play as the Overwatch of Security.

Only go out of the brig if there is a crime happening right outside, if the suspect flees, announce over sec comms and update the records, they could be a blood brother distracting you so the other can loot the armory. Im thinking sec is more being smart than robust, a robust person can robust anybody, but a smart person can avoid being robusted in the first place

Metagaming fashion items Âą :face_vomiting:


This, some time ago i played a miner antag, late joined, just going to mine first for some miner gamer gear, after i gear up, step into the mining shuttle, i said one of the codeword, arived at the mining base i waited for the storm to pass

Then come the warden (yes warden, and i dont know if hes actually acting hos or wandering warden) just went into me and said :
i like “what?? you mean search?”
“yes, that” (it was blue, i dont have any illegal item on me, so i itended to comply)
“im going to cuff you now”
Then ofcourse i resisted, like what, its fucking blue, without proof, and hes going to cuff me, i throw my bag and webbing, but he still batonned and cuff me, proceed to strip me, and ofcourse nothing illegal can be found, and his only reason is the clown traitor in perma heard my codeword and outed me . When i protested at him (with radio on of course) he just bitched that he do no wrong, so shutup. And he did all this with 2 borg escort, both have flasher, i wont be able to do shit to him.

Well it ended up in him dying to clown traitor in perma and got spaced, so he got what he deserve. I forgot his name, but one thing i remember that hes not new to security job.


MACK, possibly?

Rather a notorious fellow.

I honestly forgot, and im glad i did forgot, dont like to bring metagrudge to another round, even if theyre being a shitter like that.

Well honestly i think warden and hos position should have kinda high job time requirement, cause they have access to lethal weapon, and lethal sentences for hos. But any shitter can bypass this just by asking hop to be promoted to acting hos if theres none (i really hope that hop can see player playtime in the future as refferences, but thats kinda metainfo so eh.),

One time i was HOP, the captain just straight promoted the first officer to ask to be an acting hos, sure there will be nothing wrong with that… queue to 3 cases of 15 minute brig time (for crime like assault, breaking in, etc), cant answer whats sec SOP are, and searching spree on green. When i asked him, he said first time hos, and only have been warden like 2 time, the only part that he can do pretty well is fighting, which is very shitty for any antag that shift.

The only thing blocking pepperspray are mask, full mask one like gas mask and/or welding mask, not the default in your bag internal one, its very easy to counter, but its a very good self defense weapon against non armed enemy and kinda long ranged.

The pepper spray is useful enough, but it’s a pretty niche weapon.

The cloud of pepper spray moves too slowly to be effective on someone running around in an open area, but it can be effective as a defensive weapon for people running toward you, or as a mild measure to discourage random people (Clown) from harassing you.

It deals knockdown, blindness, and maybe a brief stun. You need to shove them on the ground after pepperspraying them to actually stun for longer than a second, then baton/disabler to stamcrit and cuff/murder.

It also has no text warning, so it can be effective for arresting unaware targets from a distance.

The situations in which it works better than a flash or a disabler however, are rare enough that some people decide to just drop it and take an extra flashbang/bola instead.

Really, it’s up to personal preference. It can be an effective weapon, but you’re also fine leaving it behind if it doesn’t work for you or if you want something else instead.

It has neither the range and power of a disabler or the stunning capabilities of the flash, but it does sometimes come in handy against perma prisoners in the cell doorway and hall chokepoints, or against randos who start shoving you for no reason.

Personally though, I usually just use disarm/grab intent and cuffs to handle them. It’s more fair and fun. A harmless shoving match with a non-antag assistant never killed anyone.

Or at least, nobody who won. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I guess it’s possible that somebody might someday beat me and decide to cuff/murder me afterwards.

OH YEAH! Also, you should GENERALLY ask before searching, but if you have reasonable suspicion that they’re a criminal or they look suspicious, such as;

*Covered in stink lines
*Covered in blood
*No ID and face is covered
*Wearing someone else’s ID
*Wearing a uniform or several pieces of clothing that they shouldn’t have for their job, such as a bartender wearing a virologist jumpsuit or labcoat and nitrile gloves.
*Wearing SECURITY GEAR, ARMOR, or a HARDSUIT they shouldn’t have.

Just arrest them and search afterwards. Tell them it’s a random search after you cuff them/bring them to a security outpost or brig, be polite about it, apologize afterwards, tell them to have a good day, so on, but:


Here are some examples:

I once asked a security officer with no mindshield if I could search his bag.

He pulled a stechkin out on me and shot at me. I used the clown who I was arresting as a human shield, so I was fine, but the perp still got away because of my crippling unrobustness.


Also, the clown almost died.

I also once asked a guy with no ID covered in stink lines outside the brig if I could search his bag. He hit me with a reinforced bola and ran away.

I once politely informed a virologist, after stunning and cuffing them, that I was random searching them on suspicion of being a changeling.

They said “Yeah, no problem.” Then he melted his cuffs while I was typing out a response and ran away.

This is why you drag people to either brig or a security outpost before searching them.

It also helps prevent strangers from running up and grabbing them out of your hands, or stealing their items off the floor.

You can be polite without being cripplingly unrobust. You can be robust without being a tiding sociopath wearing a red jumpsuit.

Exercise reasonable caution and politeness. Don’t get robusted because you tried to be polite. Don’t be an asshole just for the sake of winning the game.

If it’s a routine random search, ask politely before searching. “Hey, mind if I search your bag?” If they refuse or pick up their bag mid-search or shuffle around to interrupt you searching their pockets/jacket/bag, stun and cuff them then continue the search. This is a reasonable amount of paranoia to exercise while maintaining politeness.

If it’s a random search on someone because they look suspicious, stun and cuff them, tell them it’s a random search, then drag them to a security outpost and search them. This both helps prevent you from getting robusted, and prevents people from stealing their stuff off the floor or running up and grabbing them out of your hands.

If it’s a search on someone accused or suspected of a crime/being an EOC, stun, cuff, drag to brig, and THEN inform them they’re being searched.

It also helps to explain why you’re arresting someone. (After you’ve exercised the necessary precautions to avoid humiliating failure/death)

Wordlessly stunning/cuffing people then stripping them is one of the most frustrating things you could possibly do to someone short of straight-up harmbatoning them.

If you explain to someone why you arrested/are searching them they’re generally less likely to be angry than if they believe that you arrested them for no reason whatsoever.

(i.e. they aren’t wearing an ID and they look sus as hell, someone accused them of a crime, you have reason to believe they might be an antag, etc.)

Communication is important, not just for teamwork but to avoid annoying everyone around you.


This is a point that can be easily abused, the point of the sop that you must ask before searching people (on blue) is to give antag a chance to fight back, and of course reducing salt intake of everyone else. For god sake dont do that on green.

If you have unreasonable doubt that the persoon is dangerous, sure, detain him, but those reason is like, cap/head/sec saw the person carrying lethal item (including stun one), you can detain him straight sure. You yourself seen the person have lethal weapon (stun is lethal for non sec).Not hear say.

But if its a random crew, telling you someone got something dangerous, and you acted gung ho from that, that sort of reaction will get abused. YOU NEED PROOF BEFORE DETAINING SOMEONE, even on old golden with its valid system, you are required to at least be witness for the person to be valid, why the hell are we allowing hear say to be a proof now.

“Politely”, after stunning and cuffing, unless its on red, or your partner in sec have unreasonable doubt that hes a ling, thats a shit move. Yes you will rise your win rate as sec by doing those, but you still a shitty one by making stun first, tell later stuff a habit.

I fully agree on this. if they got those stuff, most likely they have weapon.

Ive been assaulted by an officer with the stun eblade, for having my print on a traitor box, and turns out their security record has been tampered with, while all shift ive been helping hos as a debtor, roaming maint. All the officer had was a warrant to search me (its on green), and i was chilling in front of brig to give my maint loot to hos, because he gave me a nightvision earlier (thats our deal), without saying anything he just attacked me to stamcrit, nothing i can do.

on green
5 Security Officers are permitted to conduct searches, provided there is reasonable evidence/suspicion that the person in question has committed a crime.
on blue
1. Random searches are permitted, but crew must be given a chance to comply.

on red sec have the right to order everyone outside of their department, including searches, and arrest (ofcourse not without reason)

We play not to win, but to have a fair and fun game. The only advantage of antag right now is the ability to surprise/ambush people. If sec are allowed to do the same (as in just straight detaining “accused” eoc) whats the differences then.

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Oh. I uh, thought it was “reasonable suspicion” as in someone looked suspicious, rather than “reasonable suspicion that someone committed a crime”.

That’s my bad.

Under Space Law though, all you need is witness testimony to convict someone. Otherwise you’d need prints or blood or circumstantial evidence for everything, and that stuff isn’t always actually available. If you had to hold an actual trial with EVIDENCE for everything, it’d slow down the process unimaginably, both for Security and person who gets arrested.

Space Law in actuality operates almost entirely off of hearsay and witness testimony. “Civil Rights” and “Reasonable Doubt” aren’t things that are paid the minimum of political public-relations lip-service under the cold, merciless domain of Corporate Spess.

The virtues of Checks-and-Balances and Due Process of law are pruned away to streamline the gears of corpo-economic efficiency.

In the dystopic future of 2555 Spess Mans, anyone can scream “I just saw this man murder someone with an esword plz help” is a perfectly good reason to arrest someone without asking them beforehand and waiting for their response.

Realistically though, it’s pretty forking unfair to ask Security Officers to maintain a minimum of role-play towards Antagonists that generally won’t reciprocate. Beestation allows Tators and most other antags to murder Security pre-emptively, so you can usually expect Antags to be actively hostile and attempt to murder you right out the gate.

It’s probably a good idea to PDA them or ask accused antags over comms to come to brig and clear things up though.

Are you complaining about… needing actual proof of a crime before punishing someone?

Man sucks you have to roleplay as an officer on an RP server. Shame its not like you are working on a station with co-workers and rather assume everyone is armed to the teeth, trying to kill you while you are making arrests. If only you had the proper gear to stop people from attacking you with gear when an arrest goes wrong. If fucking only there was a guideline you had to follow which tells you what to do. Seriously though I really hate security that does this shit its not cool. Sorry for sounding like a dick but I really hate all the shitcurity that thinks its okay to do this, its not, roleplay instead of prioritizing winning why don’t you?

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How often to you arrest people without thinking that they might be an antag? Try to look at the matter from the side of the (possibly innocent) arrested person. Some random sec just walks up to you and instead of initiating a conversation or even just demand you get down they just start to unload. Very frustrating, for traitors and normal crew alike.

I mean I see most of what you are trying to say here, but you should understand that being on the loosing side sometimes is also part of good RP. Staying alive and robusting the antag in ten out of ten cases should not be your main focus as a sec officer imho. Sure, there will be times where the other side will take the (meta-)advantage of you if you show an clear opening like typing and that sucks. But if you always just go for the “optimal play” you will also probably seldom find an antag that won’t just murk you whenever they get the chance, since they know you won’t give them any leeway either.

No, I’m not complaining about needing proof.

You see, that’s the thing. You DON’T NEED EVIDENCE to convict someone for a crime under Space Law. It’s stupid, yeah, but there’s a good reason for it both lore-wise and gameplay-wise.

Space Law functions almost entirely off of witness testimony rather than actual due process of law. If someone testifies that they saw someone commit a crime, that’s enough to convict unless there’s evidence that points to them being innocent.

This is because DNA evidence is rarely available, and there isn’t enough time in the round to hold a trial for each case, so arresting and charging people is usually done entirely based on witness testimony.

So when people say over the radio that someone is a traitor, it’s legit to assume that they’re a traitor and arrest them without asking politely first.

That’s my bad. I didn’t mean to say that you should utterly ignore roleplay as a security officer and powergame all over Antags. That’s a pretty cringe thing to do, yeah.

That is what I wrote, but that’s not what I actually meant.

To re-iterate what I said in my first post, playing as a Security Officer is about exercising judgement on when to roleplay.

You SHOULD USUALLY roleplay, but there are moments where you SHOULDN’T roleplay as well.

Like, say for example, there’s a blood-covered atmos tech wearing a gas mask and carrying a bloody fire-axe.

I shit you not, I watched a security officer ask politely why he was covered in blood, and then get mowed down and beheaded/debrained.

What I mean to say is that you shouldn’t take roleplaying too far to the point where it isn’t how you should realistically behave.

I make an effort to roleplay with the crew and people I’m arresting, I just don’t ask people who look like serial killers if I can arrest them before stunning them. If you saw someone covered in blood and you had the ability to taze them, you would taze them IRL.

I see newbie Security Officers do this sort of thing all the time and get killed for it and it’s bloody embarassing every single time.

You shouldn’t stun normal crewmembers wordlessly, that’s shitsec, but the opposite end of the spectrum is crippling unrobustness that embarasses you and everyone else on the security team that works with you.

There’s a spectrum, and you should aim to remain in the middle of it, rather than going to either extreme.

The fire-axe atmos tech then murdered me and everyone else in the medical lobby. Like, BRUH. FIRE-AXE ATMOS mAN WITH CAPTAIN’S ID SOAKED IN BLOOD.

“why are you covered in blood”




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Heres the thing though, you have ranged weaponry. If you ask him the fuck hes doing and he runs to you, you disabler his ass. All this can be done with RP. Tell him to drop his weapon, if he does not and starts running at you/away from you, fucking shoot him. If he complies, you cuff him. This all can be done in an IC, roleplaying manner. If you watch him kill your new officer, you can use lethal force. This is all in space law and is part of Security roleplay.

funny bad man use axe, do pew pew. do it in rp manner, no complain about can’t rp an arrest
the funny edit: if you are too unrobust to beat a fucking axe, call backup

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