A noob's guide to the dreaded PubbySM (confirmed working July 7th 2021)

Pubbystation’s engine room is considered by some to be the worst ever made. But if you can tame it, it becomes more convenient than corgstation’s SM.

let’s start by replacing all the pumps on the hot loop with volume ones (light purple). as well as straight piping the TEG hot loop (white)

Set the filters on the left to filter O2, CO2, Plasma

On the cold loop, once again swap the pumps to volume, and wrench the three plasma cans into the loop. Turn it on. Set vent 7 on the air alarm next to the burn chamber to internal 0

Wrench the N2 and N2O canisters into the loop and turn on the volume pumps.

Now set the vents to internal 0 and scrub everything like you do with all SM. And scrub 4 to scrub like a turbine.
Additionally, set the two filters on the right side to filter O2 and Plasma.

Done correctly, the SM room should be flooded with N2 and N2O, now fire the emitters and set the SMES to 200 in, 190 out.

If the loop gets too hot, turn off the emitters one by one and see if it stabilizes. for the image above, only two emitters were on to maintain a stable 7MW, more than enough to power the station and a BSA and more. if you upgrade the cold loop feel free to add more emitters. Or scrub the pluoxium in the hot loop.