A noob's guide to the dreaded PubbySM (confirmed working August 2nd 2021)

Pubbystation’s engine room is considered by some to be the worst ever made. But if you can tame it, it becomes more convenient than corgstation’s SM.

let’s start by replacing all the pumps on the hot loop with volume ones (light purple). as well as straight piping the TEG hot loop (white)

Set the filters on the left to filter O2, CO2, Plasma

On the cold loop, once again swap the pumps to volume, and wrench the three plasma cans into the loop. Turn it on. Set vent 7 on the air alarm next to the burn chamber to internal 0

Wrench the N2 and N2O canisters into the loop and turn on the volume pumps.

Now set the vents to internal 0 and scrub everything like you do with all SM. And scrub 4 to scrub like a turbine.
Additionally, set the two filters on the right side to filter O2 and Plasma.

Done correctly, the SM room should be flooded with N2 and N2O, now fire the emitters and set the SMES to 200 in, 190 out.

If the loop gets too hot, turn off the emitters one by one and see if it stabilizes. for the image above, only two emitters were on to maintain a stable 7MW, more than enough to power the station and a BSA and more. if you upgrade the cold loop feel free to add more emitters. Or scrub the pluoxium in the hot loop.


Since I made this I should probably provide some input.

Important note: You do need at least one pump on this line in order to make the TEG work. Swapping out pumps isn’t required, and I personally haven’t tested any performance boosts. If you don’t want to get the RPD out then just max the pump pressures and it’ll work fine.

Filters on the left don’t need to purge O2 and plasma, as they’re removed from the return line and fed into the burn chamber.

Again, not required, and i’m not sure if it provides a performance boost. Do what you feel though.

This is a big one. I don’t know why that vent areas to the main engine room. I’ll look at patching this out at some point.

Another way to put it is don’t pull it out of the burn chamber if it can burn.

All told your vents and scrubber configurations for the SM chamber are the same as any other. The burn chamber is basically about creating a lot of heat, so keep the fire going in there. The biggest designer-preffered modification for this engine is pretty simple: replace the mixer that leads into the burn chamber with a manifold. It’s a simple change that helps reduce maintenance need.

Ultimately the biggest difference is the cooling method. If you don’t set up the cold loop first you’ll do two things. 1: Never generate power. 2: Light the SM on fire, decompose the N20, and explode.

That said, I do know whoever plays johan has a method of TEG where you keep the pressure pumps as they are other than the one into TEG hot side as well as O2/Plasma filter into a manifold. With one emitter you get 5MW. I think it’s very vulnerable to sabotage however.

Nope, the scrubbers from the burn chamber provides enough pressure into the TEG. In fact the whole loop other than the canister input don’t need pumps because the vents/filter/scrub will provide pressure.

It’s there just in case of sabotage but the antag forgets to set filters.

Some people don’t know that trit also burns.

It will actually clog over time.

I should add a higher power setup on the OP for 4 emitter and triple layer heat exchange for that sweet touch door and get husked option.