A call for a reform [POLL]

as it stands, bee admin consistency is shit
fighting back against an antag who has attacked you multiple times is considered validhunting & against the rules
apparently you can’t use antag tokens anymore, admins say you can only spend them at the start of a round but i’ve literally never spent an antag token at the start of the round

can we PLEASE get some of this shit cleared up
i’m so fucking sick of being on thin ice to the point where I literally can not fight back without being punished & bwoinked for it and permaed for even the smallest offenses because i have been permaed in the past

bee’s fun because it’s like tg but better code & the admins tend to be less shit
but holy shit
it’s not the admins, it’s the rules & regulations & retardation
fix this SHIT
god DAMN

  • ye rules bad fix em
  • rules good dont change

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also yes this is yet another rant/shitpost from me

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i just think they should stop permabanning. permabans should be RARE

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Says the guy who suggested to welcome furrys and who’s currently perma’d from sec and head roles.
Edit: I do support this idea tho but you’re a shitter

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Sole/longines is global perma banned currently for ban evading.

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@Pill_U no other servers have had issues with me, i simply fucked up one too many times so i got permaed. admins saw that i had a perma previously spo they decided: hmm another fuckup? perma
except all of my permaas have been revoked fo bein bs

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bruh honestly just reading the bans on the site they’re cringe and inconsistent. like a guy got 1month global by zesko cringe for taking revenge on a guy that spaced him earlier in round like bruh tf if some nig spaced me I’d OD their ass on morphine real quick

Bro I support the idea
There’s (outdated) headmin rulings on the bee wiki, rules on the beestation site extra rulings on the forum and it’s all just really confusing. There should be a single page full of rules with the average ban time next to them.
Also they should be on the main beestation site and not somewhere on the forums where you first have to know they exist and then search for them

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Vague as all hell. Make specific and actionable suggestions of what’s worded badly and how you would write it instead.

Bro this is half shitpost don’t expect me to take action I’m just bored

im poeoeppepeepeeeee

Tokens have always been pre round only, btw.

cool but… that’s literally not my job?

retard bruh do you think anyone takes suggestions with no thought or examples put into them seriously

Rules aren’t the problem so much as admins having different interpretations of them and also having different banning patterns -

Zesko might ban for 30 days while I’m only authed to ban someone with six pages of repeat offense notes to 5 days because the community likes him.

I propose a set banning pattern:

First offense: Note and discussion with player
Second offense, 1-3 day ban
Third offense, week ban
Fourth offense, month ban
Fifth and final, perma until appeal

Combine this with a system where accepted appeals = offense is entirely removed from record.

Apply a voting system to ban appeal threads automatically, voting only allowed by admins but allows admins to voice differences in opinion on bans and rulings.

I ban evaded for the reason I stated. you would’ve too, retard

Blockquote Zesko might ban for 30 days while I’m only authed to ban someone with six pages of repeat offense notes to 5 days because the community likes him.

Well, thank you for coming out and being honest about this. This long double standard on how we treat members is just nonsense and needs to end. This bias doesn’t just leak into punishments either but also special in-game treatments of being more hostile in bwoinks to the favored players who use ahelp even when in-game report is something that is clearly not against the rules.

We need to either purge this behavior or purge the admins that practice it. I prefer the latter.

Who are you talking about Ruko

I mean what I did originally for the one day ban was wrong, and I definitely wouldn’t and haven’t done anything like that since. But you need to understand that the only reason I appealed was because the ban was changed to permanent, and my appeal was ignored. I like beestation, so I ban evaded to keep playing. That’s all there is to it.

I agree with inconsistency being a problem for sure, that’s why I proposed what I did. Banning guidelines with at least a loose reference of ban lengths, so we can adjust the sentence based on assorted variables (are they extremely belligerent? Are they just misunderstanding the rule? Is this maybe a special case?)

And also making ban appeals a team effort for approval helps to prevent undue favoritism/bias against a player and helps balance disagreements on rule interpretation. If a vote for an appeal hits somewhere near 50/50 it’s clear a precedent needs to be set on the situation and it can be brought up to the council for vote.

I got a perma from both servers for attacking one person. I’ve done and seen others do way worse and not even get a server ban.