Zimon9 Mentor Application

Your CKEY: zimon9

Your Discord: zimon9

How long have you been playing ss13?: I’ve only really started putting a lot of time into SS13 about a year back or so.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: No one, really.

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I have experience with most jobs, but I wouldn’t say that I know all of them perfectly well. I’m not great with nanites, nor am I good with medical care, or chemistry, for instance. I also lack a fair amount of cargo-related knowledge.


Additional details: I have engineering brainrot.


You’re one step further into the admin pipeline.

  1. How can I tell if someone was spaced as a detective?

  2. How do you fix someone who is dying of toxin with no poison in them?

  3. What is the best curator box?

  4. Can I use lethals on someone if they have shot me first?


Evenly distributed levels of brute and burn damage hint towards a body being spaced. If someone was spaced while alive, you’d see this, coupled with increasing levels of oxygen damage, if you were, say, keeping track of the damage via a crew monitor.

Toxin damage with no poison in ones body hints towards a few different possible causes. Radiation and appendicitis are the most notable ones. If one is an IPC or an Ethereal, being EMP’d can also cause toxin damage. If an Ethereal is low on charge, they can also incur toxin damage.

In any of these causes, the cause of the toxin damage will have to be addressed, and then the toxin damage can be dealt with directly afterwards.

For non-oozelings/non-IPCs, toxin-cleansing medications can be used, such as charcoal, antitoxin, carthatoline, or pentetic acid. If it’s an IPC, they will need system cleaner. If it’s an oozeling, they will need a poisonous chemical, such as Toxin. Keep in mind that they can still be affected by the secondary effects of a toxin, such as bungotoxin’s heart killing properties.

Perhaps the most simplest way, however, would be to filter the toxin damage out, using the advanced filtering surgery. The normal filtering surgery does not remove toxin damage, but all upgraded tiers of this surgery does, in fact, heal toxin damage.

That depends on what one means by being the best. With regards to how useful a weapon may be in a fight, the curator’s whip, from the “Courageous Tomb Raider” kit is often touted as the best, due to it’s ability to attack from long range, and it’s ability to disarm someone. If one needs something to help them perform a space walk, the “First Man on the Moon” kit and the “Carp Hunter” kit both provide hardsuits. If one wants to just go around and interact with other people, the “Spectre Inspector” kit can provide ample opportunity in order to do so.

I’m not 100% certain, but I believe that spacelaw or escalation related questions falls within the purview of rules-related questions, and as such, I don’t think a mentor would be allowed to answer such a question.



You thought harder than I did, yeah.

Good answer

It is, I was seeing if I could trip you up.

You exhibit conduct that I think is role model behaviour and you would 100% be a good fit for the staff team, take my +1

T: +1

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:moth: app !
ok now for questions.
1: how do i open necropolis chests from tendrils?
2: how to i open or bolt doors as an AI?
3: what do i need to setup and contain a singularity?
4:(hard question) moth or mothroach?

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Lies and slander.

I absolutely vouch for your experience.

But not only your experience, also how you’d be a great fit for a member of staff.

Good Luck!


In order to open a necropolis chest, you will need 1200 mining points to purchase a skeleton key from a mining vender in order to open the chest. Just left click on the chest with the key, and it should become unlocked. If you attempt to open it with brute force, it’ll just break, destroying its contents.

In order to get the points needed, you’ll need to deposit ore into the ore redemption module by dropping the ore at the dropoff point. If one deposits the ore manually, as in, by clicking on the machine with the ore, no points will get generated. You’ll also need to claim your points in the ore redemption module menu, after this is done.

An AI or a Cyborg can open or bolt doors by clicking on a particular door and accessing a menu from which they can open, close, bolt, electrify, or disable power to doors. There are also keyboard shortcuts for several of these functions. Shift-clicking on a door opens/closes it, Ctrl-clicking on a door bolts/unbolts it, and Alt-clicking on a door electrifies/unelectrifies a door.

Ctrl-clicking works for objects other than doors as well…

To be on the safe side, you’ll need four emitters, four field generators, a particle accelerator, and a singularity generator. If you want to generate power from the singularity, you’ll also want as many Radiation Collection Arrays as you can manage.

Emitters and Radiation Collection Arrays (from hereforth abbreviated RCA’s) can be constructed, after printing their boards from an engineering circuit imprinter. The Industrial Engineering research node will need to be complete first, however.

The field generators, particle accelerator, and singularity generator will need to be purchased with the help of the cargo department.

Construct a somewhat large square containment setup for the singularity, placing field generators at the vertices of this square. I am not entirely sure what a safe size would be, but just note that a 3x3 setup would not be very safe. I would recommend around a 5x5 or a 7x7 setup. This may require experimentation on your end.

After placing the field generators, be sure to wrench them down, and then weld them down, in order to firmly secure them.

Set up wire nodes on the same axis as each of the field generators, all hooked up to a power source. The grid works fine, but if you want redundancy, a SMES can be constructed for backup power in the event of a power failure. Set up emitters on these nodes, each facing towards a different field generator. The point of doing this is to power the field generators, as they require blasts from emitters in order to get the power they need to function.

Do NOT right click on the field generators yet, nor the emitters, which will activate them. You will want to place the singularity generator inside of the containment cage first.

After that’s done, you will be free to power up the emitters and the field generators. You can also install RCAs along the “wall” made by the field generators now. In order to generate power, they will need to be above a wire node, and they will need to have a tank filled with plasma inserted into them. This follows the same principle as setting up the RCAs for the SM.

After this, you will need to set up a particle accelerator. Be ready to pull your hair out a little as you set it up. Also, take a deep breath if you’re going to say the following paragraph out loud.

The parts will need to be configured into a sideways “T” formation, with the EM Containment Grid (EMCG) parts facing the singularity generator, the Particle Focusing EM Lens (PFEML) placed behind the EMCG parts, with the red coil on it facing the EMCG parts, then with the EM Acceleration Chamber (EMAC) behind that, rotated so that the smaller “leg” of the “T” that it makes faces aft or fore (north or south) of the Particle Accelerator ¶ body. Place the Particle Accelerator Control Console (PACC) at the location that the leg points to. Finally, complete the formation with the end cap, the Alpha Particle Generation Array (APGA). Rotate the parts in such a way that it looks like they’d fit together with their neighboring parts, and then wrench them down, wire them, and then screwdriver them closed. When you’re down, click on the PACC and click on “Run Scan”. If the parts were set up correctly, you should see that the status is “Ready”. If not, you will need to screwdriver, wirecut, and then unwrench the parts and move them around until the PACC is satisfied. Be ready for a little bit of anguish as you move parts around, hoping to find a configuration that works.

As a little bit of help, try to find the one EMCG part with a strange protrusion on it, and place that in the middle and rotate it so that the protrusion touches the PFEML. Then, move and rotate the other EMCG parts around until the PACC is satisfied.

It may help to watch someone set one up, however, as the instructions on how to set one up may be unclear in a text-based format.

Once the PA is set up, the singularity is ready to be generated. Fire up the PA when you’re ready. Make sure to keep the power level set to 1, and then immediately turn off the particle accelerator once the singularity is generated. If you keep it on, and especially on power level 2 or higher, the singularity will get stronger, and it may even get strong enough to pull the field generators off of its moorings, dooming the station.

Rats, of course!
Pictured: Bert, Ernie, Claude, and Laura.


What is that weird orange bag for?

That is a Sheet Snatcher! It can hold 150 sheets of material, such as metal or glass. They can be constructed from 6 rolls of cloth in the right-click menu.


good +1
also moth

T: +2

Bonus question just for fun. Who is typically given a sheet snatcher as part of their loadout?

Mining cyborgs, of course. They’re the only ones that get it.

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Spot on. I recently learnt this. xd

I don’t think there’s anything I could ask relating to engi and such that you wouldn’t already know far better than me, but I’ll still ask some :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. What surgery can be used to cure mild brain traumas without undoing brainwashing or hypnosis?
  2. How do I cure a deep-rooted brain trauma without a lobotomy?
  3. What are the fastest surgical tools available through normal research? (i.e not alien tools)
  4. As a botanist, what are some resources you can produce that are greatly helpful to medbay?
  5. How can a scientist (on their own) get discovery points without knowing toxins or xenoarch, if all the station pets and such have already been scanned?

Bonus question: list some xenobio extracts/crossbreeds that are underused despite their usefulness

I believe that Cortex Imprints can cure mild, or basic brain traumas, but I’m not entirely certain if they can do so without undoing brainwashing or hypnosis. The answer is definitely not a brain recalibration, however, as those can undo brainwashing or hypnosis.

I’m not really great at reading code, but it seems that nanites may be able to cure deep-rooted brain traumas, as well as a virus using the mind restoration trait, with a resistance of 9 or greater?

A surgical toolset implant allows one to use the full complement of basic surgical tools, but at a toolspeed of 0.5, which, I think, makes it so that they operate twice as fast as a basic surgical tool? This is faster than an advanced surgical tool’s toolspeed of 0.7.

Earthsblood, bicardine, kelotane, omnizine, carpotoxin, holy water, synaptizine, lipolicide, oculine, coffee powder, ephedrine, charcoal, vitrium froth, silibinin, atropine, cyanide, morphine, salbutamol, and polypyrylium oligomers can all be directly obtained by growing certain plants. If you combine certain traits, you can even form other chemicals, such as mannitol or strange reagent. Not to mention, strange seeds can also have a whole host of different chemicals in them, such as godsblood, or healing nanites, for instance.

Then, there is the fact that you can make metal, glass, or gold to supply the medbay, use replica pods to clone someone, provide cloth, durathread, or batteries on par with bluespace batteries…

And with the biogenerator, a botanist can also provide an effectively unlimited amount of monkeys to the medbay.

There is quite a lot that a botanist can do to help the medbay, as well as all the other departments on the station.

If you had to pick and choose, however, the most helpful items would have to be plants with earthsblood and mannitol in it, as well as plants with omnizine, and plants with carpotoxin, as well as bottles of strange reagent, or even just holy water and omnizine, so that the medbay can produce it’s own strange reagent.

A scientist can also attempt to scan all the different kinds of slime mutations, if discovery points are needed. I suppose they can attempt to scan fauna on lavaland or on derelicts themselves, but doing so would be very dangerous, and it would require, at least, a bit of initial help in order to get access to some kind of shuttle, on most maps.

Other than these options, I’m not too sure of what else a scientist can do. They can also possibly insert strange relics into an E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR, hit discover, and gain 2000 discovery points per object that way, but I’m not sure if this falls within the scope of xenoarcheology.

Oh, I am not familiar enough with xenobiology, but let me see…
I think it would be funny to see someone use a stabilized rainbow extract with a regenerative rainbow extract implanted in it, as if they were to get hurt enough, they’d have the equivalent of eating a star in Mario occur to them. Or if not that, then two stabilized rainbow extracts, one with a regenerative oil extract, and one with a regenerative black extract, would similarly be interesting to use, as they’d flash and drop a fake dead body when they are activated, possibly allowing for a getaway.

Aside from that, it would be great to see crystalline blue pylons be used more, for their air generative ability.


these are all exceptional answers, and you’ve more than proved yourself beyond any question I could ask while still being fair. That said, I have a few difficult questions that might be worth asking, just as a test.

  1. A soda vendor contains a number of drinks with practical uses, either for drinking or chemistry. Tell me two of these drinks, and their functions.
  2. Explain the working mechanism of a regenerative black extract.
  3. What organs are possessed by an average IPC, what do they do, and which organ can be successfully removed without killing them.
  4. What are “dueling pistols”, what do they do, and how can I get them?

Irrespective of if you answer these questions, you’ve already more than earned my +1
Total: +3

  1. A very notable one is the “Grey Bull” drink, which can make it’s drinker immune to electric shocks as long as the drink is in their system. Another useful drink may be the Bottle of Water, not because it has water, but because the bottle itself can be useful as a sealable 50u container. If the bottle is sealed, it can be safely thrown without spilling its contents.

  2. The regenerative black extract has the following code:

    It seems that it creates a dummy body, copies the species, identity, and name of it’s user, and kills this dummy body, copying over the brute, burn, and toxin damage of its user. It also seems to set the oxyloss of the dummy to 200?

  3. IPCs possess the following organs:

| Location | Organ/Part          | Function                                                                                                                                                                                                                      | Nonlethal if removed |
| Head     | Robotic Voicebox    | The "Tongue" of an IPC. Gives them their distinct robotic tone, and allows one to use audible robotic emotes, like *buzz.                                                                                                     | Yes                  |
| Head     | Auditory Sensors    | The "Ears" of an IPC. Allows them to hear things.                                                                                                                                                                             | Yes                  |
| Head     | Robotic Eyes        | The "Eyes" of an IPC. Allows them to see things.                                                                                                                                                                              | Yes                  |
| Torso    | Brain               | The, well, brain of an IPC. It needs to be coupled with an MMI in order to function like a posibrain would.                                                                                                                   | No                   |
| Torso    | Cybernetic Heart    | The pump that circulates oil around an IPC's body. If removed, an IPC will accumulate brute damage, until they shut down.                                                                                                     | No                   |
| Torso    | Micro-cell          | The internal battery of an IPC. It requires topping up from time to time, or else an IPC will function a bit more slowly than otherwise. If removed, it will just be like as if the battery was never charged, to begin with. | Yes                  |
| Torso    | Substance Processor | Processes chemicals injected into an IPC, such as solder and system cleaner. If removed, these chemicals will not metabolize.                                                                                                 | Yes                  |

Please excuse the weird formatting, I’m not really sure how to fix that.

  1. This was a hard question for me, as I haven’t played enough as an explorer, but it seems that there’s a ruin, titled “power_puzzle.dmm”. In the ruin, there is a vault with the dueling pistols in a locked case (as well as a number of other interesting items).

    I’m not entirely certain on how one may be able to access this ruin, but I assume that one will need to search for signals in space, and try their luck by landing at various signals.

The dueling pistols case must be unlocked before they can be used. This can be done by either emagging the case open, hitting it with an EMP, or having someone with Captain access unlock the case.

In order to use them, both opponents must create a gap of 4 tiles between each other. After this is done, both players must confirm their readiness by using the trigger (left clicking) once. After a countdown, the duel may begin. One thing to note is that the loser of the duel quite literally loses their head. It may still be possible to revive them, but they’d need to get external help in order to do so, like via a replica pod.

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yeah good answers +1

T: +4

Excellent answers.

Excellent. I was thinking of Grey Bull and Nuka Cola, which speeds you up.

It used to only set the oxyloss to 200 and use that as the kill-method, but that wouldn’t end up killing megafauna, so people would use it to duplicate Heirophant. Hence the force-death.

To my memory, the substance processor is lethal if removed, since the IPC accumulates toxin damage until they die, but that could very easily have been changed without my notice since I don’t do it very often. Good to know.

Perfect. Everything I wanted to know and more. One thing I’d like to note is that if you somehow obtained multiple sets of pistols, they can be linked with each other. The pistols also have modes, but I couldn’t tell you what they do.

I already gave you my +1, so I can’t vote again, but you’ve proven a depth and width of game knowledge. Very well done.

T: +4

I had a vague memory and I tested it just in case: regenerative black still duplicates but doesn’t kill the megafauna, and each has their own drop, including the chest

is this intended?