Ziagfu banned by Ruediger4

CKEY: Ziagfu

Admin’s CKEY: Ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Dunno

Ban Type: Job

Ban Length: Perminant

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2019-12-05 13:05

Round ID: 9888

Ban Reason: As Hotel Security, killed a borg. When asked about it: Bates motel. Also left hotel multiple times, stole a hand teleporter, and general dick attitude.

Appeal Reason: After ban was placed it was discussed about the utter lack of hotel use, along with the ‘mutliple visits’ being to set traps that crew would arrive in to be put to the ‘bates motel’ murder and strung up for meat gimic. The borg in question arrived on the hotel and was subsequently ‘fair game’, he was sent back to the station for repairs and I had planned on sending the body of the guy I put on the meat hooks back in the same manner before the ban was placed.

As for being a dick… I mean, it’s bee station. We’re all some level of dick. It’s why we play LRP on bee. PVP, weird ass gimics, powergaming. Things we don’t normally get to do on the more restrictive servers.

Additional Information: I desire to have my ghost roles returned, as it severely hampers the ability to play legitimate antagonist’s summon, or even as a posibrain. If anything, reduce the ban to just Hotel Staff.

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Mmmmh yes.

Today I will self antag as Hotel Security Staff because boy oh boy other servers don’t allow self antag! I wonder why!

Since it is a gimmick based off Bates’ Motel, I will surely be exempt from standard rules like No Self Antagging or No Griefing! Let alone being a dick! Like that isn’t rule 1!

I’ll leave this open for a few hours since I’m interested if you or anyone else has a valid argument regarding your train of thought.

So far it’s a fat no.

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Then restrain the ban to just hotel staff, since they spawn with ‘you are an antagonist’ popup it’s misleading. Preventing me from playing ANY ghost roles based on my actions a hotel staff member is over the top. There was a discussion that you took part in after my ban that discussed the lack of clarity with hotel staff and a lack of general activity pertaining to the hotel and that admins used it as an admin abuse location.

The only person who complained of the two people that had traveled to the hotel was seemingly the borg, and he was sent back to the station for repairs rather than left stranded. And as stated, I was banned before I could tend to the other.

So as requested, if you’re unwilling to lift the job ban in full, make it a direct ban on hotel staff jobs.

Being unable to be a syndicate saboteur borg or otherwise direct and clear antagonist ghost role is quite annoying.

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Do you know how there’s a big chunk of text that explains you aint an antag and that you can’t leave the hotel? The antag status is so we can keep track of you.

Not really doe?
Hotel ain’t used as adminbus location, but rather thunderdome is.
Unless you mean admins adminbussing hotel staff, which is quite the different story since hotel staff that leave the hotel are deemed valid for bus.

This is the thing: You had no reason to harm the borg whatsoever besides your “hehe Bates Motel” gimmick. You still killed a borg for the sake of killing them, and the meathook’d guy wasn’t okay either.

Fair point, though i gotta re-check if the ghost spawners are its unique option. Banning panel and ghost roles are in an abusive relationship that never goes well.

Needless to say, if I lift the ghost role ban and you pull something equal to this BS as a ghost antag role in terms of rule-breaking, I’m deleting your kneecaps.

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uh no
speak for yourself not for any of us