Zane Ellis Player Report


Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY:Unknown

LRP or MRP server:MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name:Zane Ellis

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):08-02-2020

Round Number:19345

Rules Broken: 3, 5, 9

Incident Description: Was a Brig Phys that round. Came out of brig since i was getting hungry and saw an assistant bashing tool storage window with a fire extinguisher. Flashed, peppersprayed and tried to cuff him. He bashed me with a fire extinguisher and ran away. Me and det were chasing him. I lost track of him returned to brig and set him to arrest with description. Later det came back to brig almost dead with his gun stolen by said assistant(apparently he shot him with it and stole it). Someone arrested him later and brought to brig. He served his time(barely 2 minutes for all that shit, because det didn’t log in Zane Ellis file that assistant almost killed him) came out, tried to steal from clown’s body in sec, got minshielded(don’t know if he was a rev or not) and started to shove me around. He got into armory(says warden let him - warden haven’t announced anything in :s) got himself armed and geared. Came out with loaded automatic rifle in brig. I questioned that a couple of times, but no one answered. I shoved Zane Ellis and grabbed his gun, tried to throw it away, but it just fired with “throw” active - nobody was harmed. Dropped the gun. He shoved me, i shoved him. he shot me with rifle to crit, cuffed me, stole my pda/id and locked me in a prison cell. When the cell timer ran out i returned to brig when it got depressurized and since I got no id, because he stole it, - i died there.

After the round end he explained that he was justified to bash me with a fire extinguisher at the tool storage, because he thought we were going to kidnap him. Said that he was justified almost killing det with a gun, because he was chasing him. Said he was justified of critting me in brig/stealing my pda/cuffing me/locking me in prison cell, because i was shoving him, taking his gun and he was mindshielded(fully armed assistant in brig that just served time for multiple shit behaviors)

   Additional Information:

Doubt he was a rev. Haven’t harmed him once. Warden or HoS didn’t announced that they recruited him. Warden watched as this whole shit show(assistant almost killing sec and stealing) happened and did nothing. Even ghosts were laughing at how warden just let some assistant to gun down sec right in front of him in brig.

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