Zam's name appeal

This is not concerning a ban, but rather, a policy
I have a human character called “T.P. Galim”. This is a rather normal sounding name that you could easily imagine someone being called in real life (similar to A.J. and the like).
I’ve been told this is not allowed under the naming policy. I would like a second opinion or exception. If the naming policy prevents people from using names people could have in real life, and that dont break what little immersion there is by the fact everyone has an odd name, it’s flawed. If something could plausibly be a name, why not allow it? other than the “adolf hitler” etc clause.

This is my take on this:

Human: Normal human names, the kind that won’t raise an eyebrow if you chose to name your child. This applies to all other races that reference human names.

To me, this implies that the name you use in game is the one your character’s parents gave them, which, at least from my understanding, doesn’t make sense for names like “T.P.” or even “A.J.”. Those are abbreviations or nicknames for their actual names.

On a second note, even if we were okay with abbreviations, “T.P.” certainly raises some eyebrows, as the first thing I thought myself about the abbreviated name was “Toilet Paper”.

Lastly, we don’t do exceptions to naming guidelines.

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The other reason behind it would be that you would have your full name written out on your ID. There are plenty of people in real life who go by an abbreviated name, but their full name would still be on their drivers license and other IDs.


Abreviations dont go onto your offical ID

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Can confirm. Real name means most people know me by a 2 letter abbreviation. But on all legal documents I am addressed First Name Middle Initial Last name. This includes my ID card for my job.

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More relevant ruling would be:

  • All races: Are forbidden from having titles, nicknames and honorifics in their character name. This means “Dr” is not your first name and quoted nicknames don’t go in the middle of official IDs

This appears to be resolved with multiple staff agreeing on the “No thank you” answer.