Yyzsong Mentor feedback thread

mentors are technically staff
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pretty kittey kat mentor

Answers questions. Is a truckload of bitch IC and difficult to play with though.

the cat metagang sends its regards

also doesn’t take jokes to far but still likes making them +1

One of the best CMO’s I’ve seen and one of the few cat people in my meta friend list.
Had more interactions as colleagues than mentor.

Basically that helpful colleague/mentor who you can always ask questions.

The only negative thing is that he is a dumb cat and always gets bullied by a laser pointer by some shitter

you know i have a player feedback

Shilling intensifies more

Always answers mentorhelps if they know the answer, I don’t know how you can type so fast. Also, very approachable IC. Never metagames info from mentorhelps.

My only complaint is that they sometimes assume too much from the person; I just want to set up the SM for the first time, I don’t know what an RPD is! However, they do put it in an easy to follow format.

Tl;dr: Good mentor.