Your trial-admin is a retard

ID: crimsonviper013

Admin ID: piterskiy

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-10-12 09:50

Ban Reason: killed random lizard assistant with two other people. pretty sure its metacomms. the other two logged off instantly when i pmed him. appeal on the forums . auth by zesko

Appeal Reason: Your absolute retard of a trial mod THOUGHT that I was in metacomms with some random fuckers on the LRP server when I beat up a ligger for being a ligger and also for attacking me beforehand. Then, he proceeded to ban me from the Discord server as well so I couldnt complain about his troglodytery.
TL;DR: I got banned because an admin THOUGHT I was metacomming with no proof. Spoiler: I wasn’t.

Additional Information:

generally speaking, calling the admin who banned you retarded will not make them want to unban you, as just or unjust as it may be

to be honest though some of these mods have a real itchy trigger-finger when it comes to metacomms

Chill out and watch your language buddy. I’ll check on this when I get home.

from what I remember:
You claimed “Assistants were unnamed antags of ss13” when you did this, saying that alone is enough to ban someone for griefing.

Perhaps the ban could’ve been taken down from a permanent ban if you didn’t call the banning admin a retard.

even thenso if the perma was lowered i’d still recommend a lengthy assistant ban if thats how you see assistants

Admin tarded demote when?

Generally speaking, insulting admins doesn’t make them more likely to overturn a ban.

as the guy who approved this ban, you were doing some suspicious ass shit, iirc you logged out along with a bunch of dudes who were acting similar or somesuch, and then you give “greytides are the games unnamed antags” as an excuse for killing sec. To admins, you look like a griefer and nothing more

zeskorion banned you from discord, not me

I asked you about these two players who were beating up lizard assistant with you for absolutely no reason. said accounts were pretty new and had less than hour playtime, which makes it obvious that they came here only to grief. after I told you the ckeys you suddenly start throwing insults at me, which is ultra-fishy tbh. after you critted that lizard with those players, you said CrimsonViper013/(Cyberman Unit D6) “he was a traitor” which is not true. also, you attacked a doctor who tried to heal him.
now, why I was 100% sure you were metacomming/metagang with those players.

  1. after said lizard shoved a player sanguli(player which took part in killing that lizard), he started beating him into near crit. then, suddenly, you come to help him out of nowhere, then claimed that he’s an antag(i guess all lizards are antags huh?). then player called aimbot24 comes and helps you to finish him off
  2. mention above players logged off almost instantly when i pmed you
    your blatant grief and possible metacomms/metagang were pretty much enough to permaban you from the server
    i’d personally say you stay banned. but zesko approved this ban, not me.

I can’t think of a good reason to unban this guy.

i’m on the same boat here, can’t see a legitimate reason to unban the guy, unless they have other servers they play on that are able to vouch for him.

Pretty safe to say that this appeal is denied. Unless you can get other servers to vouch for you or somehow prove that you’ve bettered your play and attitude, this ban is here to stay.