Your first co2 SM (the guide)

My screnshots will cover metastation but it’s the same on all the maps.
Despite the setup running only on co2, it’s super stable (if done right) and has no chance of delaming on it’s own.


So before we start you will need:

  • meson gogles (or engineering gogles set to meson mode) obraz obraz
  • an RPD (rapid pipe dispenser) obraz
  • a wrench (should be in your toolbelt if you start as engineer)obraz

Everything mentioned can be found in engineering round start so you it shouldn’t take too long to find it.

So let's start with preparing our loop:

  • Unwrench those pipes in front of SM and replace them with straight pipes obraz
    Final result:
  • If you don’t really care about collecting pluoxium from SM replace the filter with straight pipe (alternatively you can make layer adaptors and place layer 1 and 3 pumps on top of the filter).
    Final resut:
    or if you decide to keep the filter:
  • remove space loop pumps and replace them with straight pipes too obraz
  • Next turn on the all the filters (set first to co2, second to n2, rest to nothing)
  • and finally replace the rest of the remaining pumps with pipes obraz
    The result:
    Disclaimer: do not turn on the freezers if you didn’t upgrade them, they would actually make the gas hotter since their temperature is higher than space!
  • next insert the plasma tanks into collectors and turn them on: obraz

Okay, we got all the basic stuff behind us, let's start with the magic.

  • Yell at the AI or CE to open the secure storage and take the plasma tank from inside.

  • Go here
    and add connector to the loop, just like that

  • Next visit the space loop segment again
    and add a filter right there
    Turn it on and set it to plasma (very important), don’t let people mess with it, since it’s the most important component of your loop.

  • Now you need constant co2 input from atmos, you can ask them to pump them to you, but I prefer just doing something like that:

  • and wrench the plasma can into the connector you added:
    wait a bit for it to empty then unwrench it again.

  • next set the air alarm like you would normally do:

  • at this point SM can start setting itself on fire, if it happens don’t panic and wrench one n2 can

The most important part

Now we add co2 into our loop using the atmos to loop pump. Remember to not add too much gas in or it will delam. I would really suggest experimenting with it, turning it on for 3-5 seconds, checking the computer if it's stable (and doesn't have too high pressure). While doing that don't forget to turn on emitters and then set SMES units.


If you feel cocky enough you can run it on pure co2. To do that change the one filter you set to n2 before to nothing and watch co2 go up.

Remember the more co2 you add the higher power output will be, but the crystal will become less stable and can delam.
If you are really pushing against the limits I suggest having at least one or two n2 tanks ready to be pumped (don’t forget setting the filter back).
Look how stable it is (and a a look at complete setup):


Some extra tips

  • You don’t need to wear rad suit while you setup the loop. I suggest getting it after you set the pumps and scrubbers.
  • You can add more emitters to the setup, most I tested was 8 but you could probably go up to like 16.
  • To have maximum fun after round ends turn the atmos to loop pump on, scrubbers off and watch it go tesla (or singulo).
  • If you notice it starts going down (or sets itself on fire) you can vent out the co2 by changing the filters.
  • You can improve the loop by upgrading freezers (preferably to t4) and adding more of them.
  • The pluoxium you harvest is just a better air and you can sell it in cargo.
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Keep relative EER below 5k, or else it will start spawning anomalies, that can and will release sentient slimes that kill a lot of people and pyroclastic anomalies which will make the SM delam when they explode to flaming plasma.

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A few moments I don’t like, but the plasma filter from cooling loop I do like. A lot. Nice idea.

That locked in plasma in the coolant loop that serves as a heatsink is pretty dope, not gonna lie.

To calm down Tesla delamming CO2 set up all you need to do is to have a filter set to O2 and a filter set to Pluoxium, in addition to CO2, so that Plux and O2 get filtered back in. Plux shuts down power generation, O2 decays into Plux.
Dump a can of your collected Pluoxium inside to speed up the process.

It is a good idea to have one filter set to O2 in general. It decays into Plux anyway.

N2 is not needed at all, once you let the CO2 in.

One of the connectors to which that first filter directs the gas should be replaced with a freezer so that collected gas gets cooled and more gas fits in the can.

It is better to place three scrubbers inside the chamber, between standard vents and scrubbers, and direct the collected Plux into the can separately.

It’s a lot easier than other cooling loops I’ve seen and doesn’t involve going into SM chamber directly.

Of course there are better solutions, but I wanted to keep this guide simple.

I’m still waiting for the tritium SM guide; I don’t think trit is hard to do with t4 freezers.