Your favorite syndicate items to use as a non-syndicate

like, if you’re the captain, or the HoS, and you get a captured syndicate uplink, what would be your go to item

we all have them

try to avoid super high cost items or items that everyone already loves like CQC, the DEsword, and the emag, and do limit yourself to a couple, say, 3 or 5 or so, so no saying all of them are your favorite

personally, when it comes to me…

  1. S3 implant/chameleon projector
    as Kerbin Fiber the trial admin knows, holy shit the stealth implant is my new favorite item to pray for as HoS because i am bat guy now

this is especially powerful when used in conjunction with the night vision security HUDs, and the fact that the new head of security plasmaman envirosuit combined with the other HoS clothing and the krav maga gloves quite literally makes you look like Batman

the amount of things that i witness as HoS while boxed via stealth implant because people think they aren’t being watched, pretty freaking high

you can also menacingly whisper to people behind their backs while stealthed and they won’t even know, because you’re fucking Batman by this point

  1. holoparasites
    they might be somewhat on the high price range at 18 tc, in fact, holoparasites used to be priced much lower at 15 tc and even 12 tc

i think i speak for everyone here because who doesn’t want their own fucking jojoke stand, it’s literally just a pAI but 100 times better and for the cool kids, brings ghosts back into the round too which is also cool and based

Nylaa, give me your best stand battle cry, because this is the superior pAI

  1. chest rig
    very good price at 1 tc, unusually robust, is a good replacement for the box in my bag that i use to store zipties and the forensic scanner and shit

it can basically fit any item that can fit in a box, which can range from packs of cigarettes to medical sprays to wallets and a whole load of other shit too

  1. box of throwing weapons
    relatively robust for 3 tc, combine with the S3 implant to get really cringey fucking batarangs, i’m sure everyone here has bought this at least once due to its sheer power, so no explanation needed

  2. brainwashing surgery disk
    it might be limited to the doctors, but it’s just as fun when used for security purposes as much as antagonistic purposes

really fun when the miners can’t find the crashed abductor ship lavaland ruin to get you that sweet alien surgery

can’t forget the good old syndicate smokes

heals 90 damage of all types over the course of 2 minutes, and you get 6 of them

Box of throwing weapons is surprisingly robust. I like em, but I’m not really sure if those paper airplanes are the origami kit air planes, or just regular ones.

I like chameleon projector or stealth implant as well. Fun stuff happens with those.

I’d probably buy brief case telepad. It’s a pretty fancy item. I never had the time to use one, but I’d definitely use it as antag or non antag.

I like holoparasite as well.

Honestly though, I rarely ever open traitor PDAs, my own or others, so I don’t have many favorites.

Not talking about syndicate encrypt key

Not being able to listen to traitors speak in their own radio like they ain’t being listened to

Not talking about sleepy pen

Not talking about sleepin cunts or instantly injecting morphine so anyone trying to outrun the law ends up asleep

Not talkin about fuggin’ thermal googles

Ahhh, sleepy pen is one of my favorites, but it’s not my first choice as non antag.

Blood red hardsuit. Because dying to validhunters while wearing it means dying FASHIONABLY.

I like to use the crab phone, is what they get for being capitalist pigs.

Emag,So you cana get everything a syndie agent can. And it opens multiple new options with certain maachines

Martial arts scroll

Because i’m a powergaming nerd & a horrible person :panda_face:

Imagine not using an emag to help cargonia achive independency for the facist NT smh, the rounds with nulls and the whole station becoming a fucking playground filled with people with the most illegal shit ever while validhunters scream because they dont know who is antag and cant kill anyone inmediatly just for having syndie shit.
Also imagine not using the slipbomb to make everyone slip and laugh at the plebs sliping


Bitch you only like holoparas bc you get to break tator knees with them, but i still got greentext so hahaha loser

you act like that’s a bad thing

I got a question for you, did the past really happen? or is time an ilusion and the only past is YOUR MOM haha gotem

but holoparasites are the superior pAI


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Well yeah you can create sitcomms with holoparas and break knees buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt you cant name them what you want so you cant have killer queen and that reduces 3 points from their good boy points

but chest rigs are somewhat of a powerful item, especially for their cost

very good for “going loud”, if you know what i mean regarding the term

Chameleon kit is the nicest then I can dress up as whatever I want like a syndicate administrator with the red flag backpack and just fuck around having fun

Actually it’s probably the agent is both for the custom job titles and cause you can aquire access to for example deep storage with your primary id and not have to finagle with multiple id’s

Or just carry a wallet. Seriously, everyone acts like only lings use them, but I take them constantly.

I’d take chameleon kit more, but I usually play lizard, and hardsuit mode doesn’t hide my tail, which is stupid.

depends on the job, mostly, but usually as miner emag for cargo is good, or a pressure kit for “station emergencies” for the KA if the traitor was a miner kneecapped by a mega or “accidentally” shoved to lava by me, or just money briefcases if they already spent too much TC for the other two.
As RD i prefer to get either a hidden gun compartment for miners (a firefighter with an AC 12 on lavaland is one of the most beautiful things you can see as miner, since it takes about 10 potshots to take down a mega, plus the fast speed and decent armor when reinforced + reactives), any kind of illegal item that’s cheap (cards, for example) for illegal tech, or holoparas just in case.
An all time favorite for me is agent card, since you can scan access from other cards to add them up to yours, eventually youll end up with all access by helping people and borrowing their cards briefly in exchange.