Your Character Meets You!

How would your character react to meeting you, after being informed that YOU are the reason they exist? And that you wrote down their past, in whatever form it takes?


we would make out



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I’ma bout to go philosophical!
So I imagine my characters and I meeting in like some sub conscious dream bullshit. Basically they go into a coma and I’m like asleep and dreaming or some shit. Like in an endless grey hallway with a white tile floor and it just goes on forever.


Sparrow would wake up probably at first say something like “The hell did I drink?” or “Did I get drugged???”. All grumpy like. I’d just be looking around probably just confused because dreams be weird. There’s be a stand off before I’d probably be like “Oh. Shit. You’re real. And here.” “The fuck you mean, I’m real?” Sparrow would sound all offended. “Well uhh…” Then i’d start explaining shit and probably get stopped midway by a very angry Sparrow. She’s say something like “You mean to tell me YOU’RE the reason all that happened?!” Maybe even try to like intimidate me. I would probably feel like shit and say something like “Well I didn’t expect you to be real and well…you made it out?” An argument would ensue. Where I’m trying to defend myself and Sparrow’s very pissed off. Until I say something like “You helped me cope and deal with things I can deal wtih on my own.” “What do you mean?” Sparrow would be kinda confused. I’d go on to say I put a bit of my own struggles into my characters. Sparrow is my fight for the ability to stand on my own two feet and live on my own. Sparrow is my wish to be emotionally stable and a protector to those I want to protect. She’s my journey to be a functional adult. Sparrow would probably leave just as fast as she woke up. Probably saying something like she needs to walk away to think.


Mu would wake up in a panic probably after Sparrow’s left. Confused and lost try wandering around. I’d gently tap her shoulder, probably expecting her after Sparrow. “Good morning, I guess.” I’d say. “Where am I?” Mu would probably be very unnerved. “Well…I guess you’re meeting you’re creator- Not. Keeper or any of those doctors from NT. The person who thought of you.” I’d most likely stumble over my words, overthinking the whole situation. Trying to make sure she knows she’s not dead. Mu would at first be spooked then start asking questions. We’d probably end up talking about art. I’d end up talking about how she’s my creative side. The dreamer if anything. She’s my playful, innocent side with the hope for things to get better and the fear of not knowing how to fix it. She’s my attempt at trying to be okay with the fact that i can’t fix it all. My reminder to just enjoy the small moments. Mu would probably talk with me about ART and stories for what would feel like hours and end up falling asleep and leaving.


Most definitely we’d argue right as she wakes up. I’d try to tell her to relax and that not everything has to be perfect. And she wouldn’t want to hear it, because she wouldn’t be ready yet. I wouldn’t be able to tell her that I created her, or rather she’d say I’m lying. She’d say I’m some syndicate agent or something. I eventually would leave that place for Kess to find her way out. She’s smart enough to figure it out after all.


it probably not gotta end well for both of us Person with Reality Dissociation Syndrome and the person with schizophrenia are bound to end up badly


Considering that around 2/3s of the SS13 community are closeted ERPers… take a guess


Kalavi, dependant on what his mental state is would do either 1 of 3 things

If he was in the service/jani mindset, he’d do his best to roll with it, he’s be pretty shocked that there is someone who’s mentally so well synced.

If he was in SEC mindset he’d view me as a minor threat, given it means I know about all the cool things he’s got because he’s signed up with all sorts of wacky shit from NT and also that I have the same mindset and knowledge regarding SEC. it’d be pretty tense until he gets a reason to leave or throw me in cuffs.

If he was in the “off work” mindset, where he can remember both his service and SEC aspects, he’d be very irritated that there was someone who knows/wrote this sort of deal and doesn’t have to deal with it. In all likely hood he’s just as likely to leave, get a stiff drink, sit down and take a nap or try to beat the crap out of me.

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Austin Gold:
He’ll probably call me a lil’ bitch ass

She’ll probably get offended when I call her a lil’ bitch ass.

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Ray McCoy: Have an existential crisis, decides to live out his life in the real world

Harper McCoy: Analyze the situation, see how true it is, then decide on the next course of action carefully

Brook Marlowe: Flat out try to murder me, take my place


Id punch marlowe in the face, nut kick him and fucking run because hes probably armed. God I fucking hate marlowe. Like great character but I hope he burns in hell for what he does and did.

My hate for marlowe rivals my hate for Bondrewd and his bitch ass lab boys.


hope to dear God that I don’t have pending mail




Absolutely my first thought.

It helps that they are shards of my personality anyway.



Gary would get annoyed I didn’t make him cooler or a multi billionaire with an army of super model wives. It would probably be some hallucination after he dies and before he is cloned again
“You’re telling me you made me and didn’t make me the CEO of NT with a couple smokin hot girls clinging to me?”



This image seems to be fake but whoever made it is kinda right?

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Literally me.

*buzz “Another meatbag?”


Well shit lagartija would had a faith crisis probably

There would be lot of screaming involved

Probably one of us would end up dead somehow

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