YogStation made the AI an actual computer

I thought it would be cool to mention.


I think that’s a pretty cool idea, I wonder how well it plays out

I like the idea of upgrades for the ai.

Please speedmerge this. I want this so bad.

this looks pretty epic

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port it, headmin now coderheadmin due to making map which is same as coding 100%


By the way, there are about a dozen follow-up pull requests.

This looks pretty neat!

Sounds great. Someone should make a bounty to port this or just beg a random coder.

Pings Bacon

Also those dozen PRs you mentioned Doe seem to be fix related as opposed to feature related.

This looks sick as fuck. The more unique, deep game mechanics the better. Hell, it might even make half the AI players on this server realise they’re a robot and not a really boring human with a speech impediment.


An appropriate handicap for the average sillycon

althought its a bit scary not knowing how exposed those server rooms are exactly.
also that machine that can seemingly card AI’s remotely BETTER not be buildable


Cool stuff, hope it gets added

I’m an AI main and this looks like it could make the role actually fun

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I would live for the day where I can send an AI a zipbomb before it blows up the station

The AI should also be spammed to purchase winrar.


I always thought that being able to build an AI just by creating a metal box with a few chips didn’t make any sense. Now it can actually take some effort.

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