XxMagnusGamerxX Banned by Admin haliris

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
“Do not validhunt, do not grief. As geneticist, killed the clown in the hallway, in public, because they believed he was a cultist. It turns out that there were no cultists that round, and that even if they were one, this would have been completely over the line. You’ve been warned multiple times now. Come back after a year if you want to try your hands at roleplaying in SS13.”
Appeal Reason:
Well, I’ll admit, I was in the wrong and was stupidly validhunting and griefing, while I don’t remember much from that round as geneticist, as it was quite a long time ago, I do remember some of it, such as the fact that I heard the clown was a cultist, and at the same time he very much seemed like a cultist to me when he was doing some weird stuff, but even if he was actually a cultist, I would still be in the wrong and I do comprehend and accept that, as stated on the ban reason “do not validhunt”. I’d like to return to playing on BeeStation because it was one of the few SS13 I actually found fun to play in, with reasonable admins and a great community.

I apologize for the trouble I caused by validhunting and griefing, it was unreasonable and stupid for me to do that. I really miss the server and I hope you will consider this appeal, since my ban was quite some time ago, I believe 6 months, and I want to prove I have changed since then.
Additional Information:
So yeah.

I’ll tell you the bad news Permanent bans Require a full one year to pass before appealing. Also, You require a vouch from another Server.

Jesus christ that is way too long

Them’s the rules

Well, those rules are way too extreme jeez

Good luck is all I got to say you got a uphill battle if you are trying to appeal with the Excuse it’s to extreme.

Its not really an excuse to be unbanned, what I’m actually trying to say is, I recognize the rules are that way, and that I shouldn’t even have done what I did in the first place, but I think waiting over a year in my personal view is a tad bit extreme, but alright, if it is that way it is that way.

That’s how we enforce our policy yeah. Making an exception would be unfair towards every other appeal where we haven’t made an exception.

Feel free to open a new appeal once one year has passed and once you’re able to provide a valid vouch from a reputable server.