XtremeSavage Perma Ban by Midijamz - Approved



Sage MRP, I don’t play LRP



Ban Date (02/03/2020):


Bought SM Shard, dragged it around station

Was AI, it was extended, was attempting secondary engine build, brought it to chapel, as borg, did not “drag it around station”

Building an SM is not fun

What law-set did you have at the time and was anyone harmed during this process?

I believe Asimov and I don’t believe anyone was, and I was also given permission by the general crew, they evacced the Chapel area before I brought it in. At the end of the round, when evac happened, someone moved it from the Chapel to the Evac Doors, which is why I think the Admin thought I was to blame

My guess is they looked at the earlier logs of who moved it then and assumed it was still you doing so. Did they even bwoink you because if you were this is something that should have been discussed during the admins investigation.

Doesnt matter zoey. SM shard ordering is disallowed by TWO council rulings.

Sm shard is allowed if OG Sm is destroyed

IF I recall it’s meant to be evac area and drag it though

I was never bwoinked, they banned me idk how long after this happened when I was offline. Since it was Extended, I was trying to see if I could get two engines going.

Hey there. Sorry on the delay. We saw the sm shard was bought by you and it ended up in the middle of the hall and you were offline so it’s just protocol. SM shard buying is indeed council ruled to be disallowed but you’ve been out for a while now so I’m lifting the ban now, thanks for clearing things up.