Xeapor Michael McFall Player Report

CKEY: Howluinb

Offender’s CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s In-Game Name: Michael McFall

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 19/09/2021

Round Number: 32799

Rules Broken: Rule 1 Roleplay , Rule 3 Do your job (Not certain which one it applies to most as space law is quoted there)

Incident Description: As Hos, Michael mcFall arrested me, a rev. Upon trying to mindshield me, I escaped, shot them a bunch of times and put them in a pretty bad spot.

Michael proceeds to send me into perma, refusing to hear that mindshielding someone and unrevving them means that they are forgiven of their crimes as per space law, because, and i quote “you attacked me you get sent to perma”.

The station was not in a state of emergency, and they legitimately had the mindshield necessary to deconvert me, or they could also have bashed me in the head.

Additional Information:

Well, actually I threw them in perma because I couldn’t find a mindshield injector in brig. I then went to rescue hop who was dead, and then went to cargo for some mindshields. I however got killed before i could return.

Wrong, while I was arresting you cap and hop had been killed while they were trying to red alert

the reason i escaped was because your officer was trying to mindshield me, therefore you had mindshields
I told you you could mindshield me, and your answer was specifically “i don’t care you attacked me you are sent to perma” and not “i know, but no mindshields, so you wait in perma”

oh right, since it might be word against word, i’d like to use your own words : Explodes-Herself-Alot Feedback - #28 by Xeapor

They were then surprised and raging when they got put into perma.
Then they got even more pissy when I told them no when they wanted a mind shield and to be set free.

“i told them no when they wanted a mindshield”
“i told them we don’t have any”

You also became aware of cap being murdered AFTER you said to perma me despite mindshield.

And finally, right after I shot at you a bunch of times, i remember you distinctly saying “right, execution then”, until an officer suggested perma

That was actually an officer, it was me who said perma

apologies, then.

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It has been a bit since the round and after @Howluinb31153’s posts I think that I was in the wrong.

I should have made it more clear I was off to get a mindshield and been less agressive. Really sorry, I will accept whatever punishments admemes see fit.

I have also deleted my comment from your feedback page as it was left in bad taste

If you genuinely acknowledge that you were in the wrong, which seems to be the case, then i would not mind if this report was closed - my main problem was the lack of acknowledging you fucked up space law pretty hard and going as far as calling me the equivalent of a shithead on the feedback thread.

so @Howluinb31153 this report can be closed? or shall i investigate?

It can be closed, yes. Thanks.

ok will be done
thank you for your patience