With the massive issues facing the community there is only one solution. If this change is not implemented I fear our community will turn into paradise, or citadel. (READ THIS!)

As implied by the title there is a MASSIVE problem facing the beestation community. It makes our community terrible, constant infighting over rules and features from the devs and players and admins. Luckily I have the solution.

Among Us gamemode.

*Sprite for gamemode designed, concept.

What will this Among Us mode be?

Similar to traitor, or wizard, imposters (several perhaps if on high pop) spawn at round start. They have the ability to shoot a sharp spear out of their mouth instantly killing whoever it hits, but they can only use it once every two minutes. Also everyone knows they’re an imposter by the signature sprite, see above. To counteract this massive disadvantage the imposter can, much like monkeys or slimes, crawl through vents. However their power will not recharge whilst in vents.

I’m willing to maybe learn byond code if it means implementing this. We’ll see on public support. But I really think we’ll fall apart into a furry ERP server without this.


Things people dont seem to understand about the Sseth tide.

Sseth mostly caters to folks interested in older mechanically complex and unforgiving games with dubious morality, SS13 fit perfectly into that niche.

In comparison Among us is so mechanically simple and non challenging it may as well be a mobile game you play on a tablet.

Among us players are probably not interested in a decades old game where you need to read a wiki to memorize the hotkeys before you can even unbuckle yourself from the chair in the arrivals shuttle.


funny because since 2018 it WAS a mobile game amd they only put it on pc because some popular youtuber played it and now every redditor and their mother wants to amogus


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When the traitor is valid :flushed:

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Ammo Gust

20 char is for losers

Imposter :tired_face:
Sus sus! Red sus!

amogus players when their task is to be funny


When the Ssethtider is sus

when the pretender is dubious :flushed:

Delete this.

Please, delete this.

You may consent to its deletion but is there someone you forgot to ask?

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whewre can I fund your endeavors

whenever you try to fucking say traitor it just changes to sus, so you cannot say anything but sus and other stupid slang

oh shit i didn’t realize this shit was 24 days old

Necr-oh no
pretty sus if i do say so myself