WinterDarkRaven Player Report (April)

CKEY: TeomanTheGreat

Your Discord:TeomanTheGreat

Offender’s CKEY:Winterdarkraven

LRP or MRP server:MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name:Velvet Pinkwalt

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):4/15/2021

Round Number: 28833

Rules Broken: Murderbone on sage

Incident Description: While I made the previous admin report someone who wishes to remain anonymous DMed me on discord and told me about this.

Additional Information: Crossed said make a less disorganized thread so here I am!


The anonymous source has DMed me again and has told me the date of the incident is the 15th.

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Without digging too far into 28833, Winter was indeed an antag and they had an objective to steal the Head of Security’s personal laser gun. A very quick review of the logs showed a lot of the attacks being done against security officers or people in the general security area. A more thorough review of the logs is likely warranted, but my initial impressions are telling me that this was fine.

[2021-04-15 19:00:07.331] OBJ: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) was assigned the following objective automatically: Steal the head of security's personal laser gun.
[2021-04-15 19:00:07.331] OBJ: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) was assigned the following objective automatically: Steal a hand teleporter.
[2021-04-15 19:00:07.331] OBJ: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) was assigned the following objective automatically: Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and without being in custody.

I guess i will wait until the thorough dive into the logs arrive

I was admin messaged about my behaviour, it was handled in round. I killed security, a command member, and a validhunting chemist.

This is not muderbone.

Forgot to mention an engineer a thought was repairing the hole in the armoury I made.

Speaking of the hole in armory. How was it made? Was that how you entered the brig?

This is a mess.

If you want to add anything @TeomanTheGreat_Phil DM or ping an admin on discord.

There isn’t really much to add, we will just wait for someone to pull logs.

The logs will never arrive :pensive:


We will. We will :confounded:

I was online for this exact round, it was a rather controversial topic.

The admins online at the time were me, Aeder and winterdarkraven.

As this was an ahelp against an admin, I proposed Aeder to take the ticket. Since they were a senioradmin, they should pass the judgement.

I at first thought this was likely murderboning, but after looking through each kill me and Aeder were convinced that it fell within acceptable limits.

They had above average collateral damage for their objectives, but the kills were made for the purposes of reaching those goals. They didnt go into the main hallway and kill people at any point and were for the most part in engineering, security or space.

There was a lot of discussion between admins which could probably answer this report alone if someone decides to pull and show the admin logs. I’m fine with my parts being shared at least.

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After reviewing the attack logs of the round with other Heads, this does not fall under murderbone.

Velvet attacked and killed most of security, which does relate to their objective of needing the HoS gun.
Velvet killed engineers which arrived due to hull breaches
Velvet later defended themselves when attacked by a chemist, and later when attacked by the Quartermaster who succeeded in killing them.

It is not murderbone to create a stir on the station and defend yourself unless you are going out of your way to create additional witnesses.

Murderboning is defined as the indiscriminate killing of multiple parties who are not a threat.

Security is always qualified as a threat. Witnesses that show up while you are in the act of killing/sabotaging are a threat. People that later attack you due to cries over comms are a threat.

Nobody was killed without a justifiable reason, and antagonists are not expected to be 100% stealth with no killing. They are expected to Antagonize (preferably in more creative/interactive ways than straight combat/murder, but this was within reason)

Report Rejected