Winter DarkRaven player report

CKEY: BrotherHangyul

Your Discord: Hangy#5040

Offender’s CKEY: WinterDarkRaven

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Velvet Pinkawalt

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 08/27/2020

Round Number: 20478

Rules Broken: Self-Antagging, Common Sense, Shitsec

Incident Description: I was the HOP. HoS asked for AA, which is important for the arresting part, so I said yes. Noticed there was no captain so gave myself AA until one came. Went into armoury to see what was in the Contraband locker, didn’t want to take anything. Warden arrests me. That’s fine, but after that was dealth with, Velvet just fucking shoots me with a disabler and arrests me because “Muh subversion”. A captain had come on earlier but I couldn’t take away my AA because y’know cuffs. I resist obviously and cargo isn’t pleased. Emergency shuttle comes and she fucking shoots and lethals all of cargo because she doesn’t know how to arrest. Cringe and unbased.

Are you gonna mention the part where you shouted “CARGO RISE UP” and to attack sec several times?

because you were trying to execute me for “subversion?” If you’re gonna kill me wrongfully i’m gonna get cargo on your tail

Also we attacked you TWICE, not several times. once in my officer where a robust greytider kicked your ass and one on the shuttle when we were just trying to board and Velvet pulled out lethals

Security isn’t part of the CoC, though the HOS is. HOS told you guys to stop and you refused. If anything, you guys were trying to overthrow the CoC. We rioted because you were being shitsec; with IC justification, we are allowed to riot.

with “you guys” you mean 1 person?

HOS told all of you to chill and stop overreacting, so yeah, all of you.

if anything this is what the ones that didn’t stand down should’ve been charged with.

As you said in the player report you went into armoury after the captain got here and you were aware of it, but you wanted contraband for some reason.

This has already been handled by @Ravellon. Wanna close this? Thanks.

I went into the armoury before the cap got there, and I just wanted to see what was in the armoury. Warden dealt with it, what wasn’t okay here is your obsession of harmbatoning.

People have the right to re-open the report if they believe the admin was wrong.

Bruh I literally got permaed for it stfu. Close the thread.

I would like to see some log-digging into this. Velvet sucks, but getting perma’d because Hangyul was being a ■■■■■■ again is just unfair.
A few things I’m curious about:

  1. How long after armory trespass did velvet arrest hop?
  2. What happened prior to Velvet going lethals on cargo?
  3. Why is velvet banned for following the captain’s orders? Shouldn’t the captain also be held responsible for this if that’s the case?

It wasn’t lethals, I used rubbershot in a shotgun.

EDIT: I started harmbatonning when the cockpit was swarmed with people all shoving and stealing my baton and harm intent clicking on my sprite. I cracked a few skulls, but I managed to cuff the HoP and wasn’t aware of it. The problem is, I cracked HoP’s skull while they were cuffed. That’s the only issue.

Thgansxnks, close this thread now :slight_smile: