Windows dont work

when i open a window after launching the game the first one works but after that it doesnt and i have to restart my game
every window is just a white screen
i have internet explorer
i tried reinstalling it, it worked for a couple of days but now its back to the same issue
i talked to Gerstmann
#0150 about and he told me to ask qwerty but he is offline

What OS are you using? Also have you tried clearing your BYOND cache?

  1. Close any open windows for BYOND (including any game windows you have open)
  2. Open up the BYOND hub window
  3. Click on the GEAR at the top right and select Preferences (Or press CTRL + P)
  4. Go to the Game tab
  5. Click Clear Cache
  6. Click OK
  7. Try to reconnect

i’m using windows cuz i am a chad

What version? 10?

Did clearing the cache help? Also, good to note that if you’re reconnecting to an on-going round things will look very weird for a little bit while you re-download the resources. This is normal.

ok someone on the discord just posted that after a while it stopped im just saying this here so its easier for admins to resolve

and yes im using windows 10

im joining beestation right now to check if its worked ill update you when im in

found this thread on github about the same problem i think

ok it seems to be working now thanks crossedfall

Great to hear! Have a good round. o7

ok it just stopped working again

i tried clear the cache again but the first 2 times worked then the rest have stopped working