Wikimody Player Report R 43392

CKEY: Yuliy

Your Discord: Harry.K#1661

Offender’s CKEY: Wikimody

Offender’s In-Game Name: Alex Knap

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-02-2023

Round Number: 43392

Rules Broken: 1, 13

Incident Description: Absolute 0 RP has been occurred between the kidnapper, being a cultist, Alex Knap, and other crew members he proceed to kidnap. So many peoples got targetted randomly, without any roleplay at all.

Additional Information: This happened literally start of the shift within 5 minutes, in the low populated game, so it is LRP behaviour, green text rushing activity.

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Was a Curator turned botanist in this round. Got grabbed wordlessly from botany and converted 15 minutes in the round.

Yelled at some, dragged around as a cultist. No one really tried to teach me what to do.

It was a extreme fast round and the most speedrunny of all cultists speedruns I’ve ever seen.

I usually enjoy being converted, not the case in this round.


I agree that i shoudl rolplay more that round and i usualy do at least litle more but it all was moving so fast that i got more preocupied with making sure cult wins, and when we were in position we didnt need to wory abaut that main way of rolplaing i thougt of: coms were down. At this point cult took over the station anyway so i just completed final sumoning and sumoned the narshe.
That round just gone to fast for me to focus on rolplaing the cultist

Sory i thougt that somone else will take care of you
We were on halos alredy if i remmber corectly and you need to act fast with those before crew mobalise


And that’s why I’m saying that I should have roleplayed more. I just got caught in a loop of: we have only a3 cultists we need to get to 5 fast, ok we have a base we should convert anyone near it so they don’t find it, och no we got the haloes we need to get target before the crew gets armed. And this is the point in which I could finally realacs and start trying to roleplay but it’s also the point where most of the station was dead shuttle was coming and coms were down. I tried roleplay over the radio just to learn that last fact. At this point there was nothing to do but to end this with summoning

I thought about it a bit and I saw a pattern in my playing. I less focus on winning as antagonist and more at not losing. It might seem that’s it’s the same thing but it’s important distinction. Generally my roleplay will completely shut down when security is actively trying to catch me stun batones in hand, in most (but not all) combat scenarios unless I’m wining by wide margin or specifically as cultist when someone is running away with information about cult, if someone is near base and I can easily convert them and when halos first appear. Exception to this are times when I have concrete gimik in mind (for example that time I got mad scientist boundle and gone fully on that) or when I already accepted that I lost (like the time I gone for the last hurrah trying to break out of prison with blob spoeres(for the record the regen coma kind)).
This round specifically put me in this mode time after time do to how fast the cult progressed and times where I normally roleplay just didn’t happen until the cult practycly won and the roleplay I tried to do then was stopped by telecoms not working. I now understand why that problem arose and in future I will try to stop myself if I realise I’m in this crysis management mode for to long

There was 1 security officer at roundstart, joined later on by a HOS and another officer, 3 seccies total.

The reported player probably said 5 things during that round that weren’t forced by spells. It was subpar, but I didn’t find any proof of willingly trying to stomp on players or out of character behaviour.
The player in the thread admitted their own failings.

I’ll mark this as processed because I will record this incident, but I consider this incident to have been resolved for the most part already.

Report accepted