Why do you deserve to get banned

Explain to everyone why you deserve to get banned, if your ban should be on LRP or MRP and how long you think your ban should last.

Because I am too based, I LRP on LRP and MRP on MRP
I genuinely think that if 90% of the crew dies on MRP, the station would be better off

Did not read the rulez


i’m a menace as a cyborg. i will *spin you for no reason, steal the nukedisk roundstart to make the captain chase after it, and will constantly look for opportunities to lock people into rooms and say “I’m sorry for what I’m about to do” before *honk’ing and leaving.

it’s the best.

Perma, I erped.


I main clown.

That’s all you need to know.

What if went ahead and actualy banned you?
Hahaha jk jk jk…

if i thought that i should be banned, i would have banned myself already

No admins allowed here pls we are bragging about breaking the rules, dont watch.


all I do is make constant mistakes and misinterpret rules

I genuinely believed traitors were non-crew because they were syndicate agents and not NT-Loyal

I didn’t get this from any rules or wiki page, I just inferred it and rolled with it because for some reason I think my logic will somehow apply to SS13 rules because if it’s MY logic then it’s COMMON logic a.k.a. common sense

I even lowkey think its fine for a changeling that is a xeno race that can handle plasma/fire to plasmaflood even if they don’t have hijack orders because guaranteeing survival by eliminating anyone who can’t survive using fleshmend and a regen coma is a legitimate strat.

Good job guys we got a confession from michiru admins please ban he



I can’t remember half of the rules and have less than nice thoughts about what’s going on upstairs at bee right now.


ditto, but then you might ask me “how were you an admin if you didn’t read the rules?”

Well fair children, if I wanted someone banned, then I would just skim every rule and copy&paste it onto the ban reason

Inserting a maxcap into clown then throwing the clown at HoS while detonating the maxcap.

Some of the rules are just outright dogshit, especially on MRP. Rule 3 (be excellent) is never enforced, but I got a note for fucking off the station and going to explore space as chaplain on a non-cult round

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