Why do bans be like that

Why not make sec bans extend to brig physician and lawyer. Both get sec comms, access, shades, and are some of the first to get deputized when the need arises meaning they are primo spots for sec banned people to still play sec.

Not that this individual in particular has done it but I have seen it happen in the past with others and it always felt like an oversight considering how much you could justify getting involved with security business with either of the two but especially brig physician.

The lawyer isn’t even official part of the sec departmentz they just got sec radio and access for easier access to new clients. Nor do I think I’ve ever seen the lawyer help sec in any way, they mostly just play the devil’s advocate to fuck over sec, which I can respect.
Brig physicians are literally just red paramedics. If you wanted to valid hunt without playing sec then I’d just stick to normal paramedic.
Also in my experience, the first people to get deputised are assistants, clowns and mines, I’ve even seen more deputy nightmares than deputy brig Phys or lawyers.


I’ve even seen more deputy nightmares than deputy brig Phys or lawyers.

Hard agree on this lmao, i’ve rarely seen a brig phys being deputized and when i’ve seen them it’s usually under the context of ‘‘everything going to hell and we really need a hand’’ or an extreme lowpop with 1 sec 1 brig phys or just the brig phys itself.

I remember an admin recently said on discord hat if a player goes out their way to ‘‘evade’’ the ban by trying to do loopholes so they can be sec(or the job they got banned for) it would be converted to an actual permanent ban.

Anyways, both lawyer and brig phys play extremely different to the average deputy so you could easily catch up if someone’s using those jobs to validhunt or be security.


The ban includes Deputy!

Because while they’re part of the Security department, they aren’t actually Security.
Brig Phys is just Security’s personal Medical Doctor, and the lawyer is a roleplay gimmick role.

While them being made permanent isn’t a defined standard or anything - we do absolutely punish people that try and dodge role bans.

Considering how Deputizing someone actually works, I’m willing to bet being Deputy banned does literally nothing.


Yeah, I think so, but trying to be deputized while being banned from Security Roles is trying to avoid the Ban!


That’s true, yeah. I was just thinking about the code side of it.

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Deputy is just a placerholder job for ingame convenience, not actually playable job.
Now, the viro has the same aspect with Zam’s removal PR.

Brig phys and lawyer is not combat oriented role. That means you cant justify whacking valids while playing as one. Also getting deputized while being sec banned is considered ban evasion, which most of the time ends with permaban, so I dont recommend trying this :joker:


I see the reasons why, but I also see how piss easy it is to justify involving yourself in security business as brig physician.