Why are lings still in the game?

Seriously, remove them. They’re fun for only the ling player themselves because unbelievably broken, with multiple “i win” for free buttons.

do you think maybe it is time

It always was time.

What if lings were pitted against each other instead of the station / freelance?

it is time to confront them with the petition

Wizard is legit the exact same thing as ling, and zesk said they’re lowering the spawn chance of ling because of that.

Stop bruh. Just staph.

The petition could expedite the process of ling nerfs

This also happens half the time, particularly when they have the objective to collect more genomes than others. The best method is to simply eat the other lings.

The petition is lame. The only thing I agree with on there is removing gang war. Windows just wants free traitor loot every round so he can cosplay as baman.

Say what you will, but I like having something other than traitor every shift.

lings need to be deleted on MRP, since on MRP you need an excuse to have the wardens shotgun loaded with incendiary shells. Incendiary + Buckshot is literally the only counter for fleshmend + screech lings.

maybe they could do with a re-work instead of them being removed

nobody wants to rework lings

You don’t need that much of an excuse. Once a security officer reports that you have lings, go ham.

They aren’t being removed.

i know but OP wants them removed

OP is a fag, clearly

Lings would be at least somewhat balanced if shriek was nerfed. There’s no way an iconic and fun gamemode like this will be removed though.

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Where did you get fun from.
It is a flawed game mode that is only fun for the lings and nobody else. It realy has no redeemable qualities due to the sheer power of the lings. It does not work on mrp as lings start murder boning and say that becouse they had extract genomes it was okay.lings is one of the only gamamodes where murder boning is a lowed on mrp and as there is no way I can Se for them bing improved in the short term I think disabling them atleast on sage is the best option

Shoudnt be a valid excuse since DNA sting exists

Well when some admins does it I think it can be seen as a valid excuse.