WHITELINE banned by Moccha

Whiteline banned by “admin” Moccha authorized by Xlyana


Admin’s CKEY:Moccha

Ban Type:game

Ban Length:permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):(11/24/2019)

Round ID:9450

Ban Reason:On thin ice threw mutagen grenade in medbay for no reason, which harmed an assistant when asked why he said ''Cuz i want to"".

Appeal Reason:Not worth permanent, if even a ban at all.

Additional Information:Grenade was NOT thrown in medbay, assistant was NOT harmed, just became gigantic. The grenade was put on my table in the chemists room, after which i told the assistant as to where get required treatment for gigantism. I did not say ''Cuz i want to", instead i said “becous i felt like it” which makes connections that the admin does not put effort into said ban. Grenade did contain Mutagen, which is not lethal in small doses. “thin ice” is for yesterday when i got jumped by botanists and they beat me into crit. after which i ran into their room with a fuel tank. No one died except me and only a wall was damaged, after which i told the admin to go fuck himself becous he kept asking me why i did it( i told him to go fuck himself becous he kept bugging me even though i asnwered him). So that makes me believe that admin Moccha is ban hungry.

Oh, and the grenade thing was no a ticket, the admin himself was watching what i was doing.

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-1 u smell and i don’t like your excuse

One assistant was hit by the cloud of gas which had mutagen and other chemicals you gave him a few devilitating mutations if this was an accident or not seems like straight out grieffing. ''Cuz i want to", instead i said “becous i felt like it” And whats the difference? This ban was perma exactly for this reason you din’t even respond the ahelp seriously, and not only that you were in thin ice. I saw that the ban should stay for now.

devilitating? it was a mutagen nade and i dirrected him to the genetists and the grenade he couldeva dodged, and its not my problem you dont know how to fuck off. i was completly valid with the fuel tank, not my problem ur fucking retarded so much that you delliberatly try to get me banned. and if so the server’s name is low rp chaotic fun. the shit itself is chaotic so whats the problem.

Yeah, no. That’s hard core griefing. Even know we may be “chaotic” we still have rules. Mutagen litterally has like a 95 percent chance of giving you a bad mutation. Besides, insults in appeals don’t help you get your way.

alright, i understand that if i keep doing this i will just be losing braincells, so let me just say this. moccha wack,plus a twat and a weeb.

Your attitude, sir, is piss poor at best.

I suggest, if you really think that a clear uneducated person like you is better than anyone, to show it with facts before words, acting as an adult.

I bet you’re the weeb.

As a last tip, abandon internet. You have no place with other people online. I hope you’re radically different in your real life, at least. But even then, that’s no excuse to abuse others people patience, work, and courtesy online.

okay dimitri wannabe russian, твое имя идиот. the inmja should be zavut. ima reply later

please work on your attitude before trying to get an appeal.

no, my attitude is fine, just be glad im not using the n word.

the point im trying to make is just becous im ‘‘griefing’’ doesnt mean i should receive perm, just becous i threw a grenade that he couldeva easily evade, but mixing pottasium and water is fine, since i "harmed an assistant by him not evading and the admin banning me permamently, even though the fix is just to go to genetist and nullify. i would understand if it were a week or so, or even the job permamently banned, but game ban doesnt seem fair.

let me quote the reason,

On thin ice threw mutagen grenade in medbay for no reason, which harmed an assistant when asked why he said ''Cuz i want to"".

On thin ice

which clearly means you’ve had warnings about this in the past, it’s no surprise really.

The ‘‘thin ice’’ was about me getting revenge for botanists criting me and leaving me in the hallway where almost died. the admin told me i was on ‘‘thin ice’’ becous i blew up a fuel tank, in which the explosion didnt kill anybody, and didnt destroy anything, but i died so theres no reason for me to be on said ice.

so i would like you to not mention the ice.

your on thin ice, the perma was deserved, your literally directing the blame to the people around you and not yourself.

Okay, let me try this then, I am sorry for ruining the assistants fun, i realise that theres no enjoyment in making other people suffer.

Wall of shame this post please

not shameful enough


i see that the banning system is similar to something american, where if you show regret, the punishment gets lowered, so unban?

its a joke.

Ok now this is shameful. I have no idea if you ar e being serious or not in your ban appeal.

im trying to be reasonable, its my first case about throwing grenades , so i would expect a week long ban or a job ban becous to fix it takes about 1 minutes. so why should the ban be perm?

and in other appeals if you show ‘‘regret’’ the punishment is ussualy taken off, so im pretty dumbfounded.