WhereAmI/O Moderator App

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): WhereAmO

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): whereami0

How often are you online to help? (Timezone): PDT, usually play around 1-3 rounds between 8-12, with shimmy room.

What changes, if any, would you bring?: One more Moderator, slightly less staff-shortage.

How old are you?: 19

Why do you want to be a moderator?: People keep yelling at me to apply to become one. Also to help out with the major staff shortage on lowpop, mostly.

How long have you been playing SS13?: Since 2021 now I think?

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: Also since 2021 now, ~1300 hours, etc etc.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?: 7? I know most general stuff, but I’m not very ultra-super-duper skilled in certain areas, the SM still eludes me, combat is also hard.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games): No clue! I tend to respond quick and be on a lot in mentor helps (when I know the answer rather than needing to fetch it), so…? Let’s just say 5 and to be improved/figured out during training?

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13:
I was an admin in a niche Slime Rancher group on Xbox back in the day? Save for that, nope.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: Crossedfall

Your strengths: I think I play alot, respond fast, and like to observe as-is.

Your weaknesses: I can occasionally get easily overwhelmed when too many things are going on, like a bunch of tickets at once, for example. But I think this should be fine seeing as I’ll be on lowpop which is chiller, plus experience from training and all that.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: People being unnecessarily rude to newer players, or just rude for no reason. Or blatantly ignoring the rules/SoP/space law, etc.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: A cool head, probably, patience, etc!

What makes a staff team good?: The ability to communicate well, both internally and with the community.

What is a staff team’s purpose?: To maintain a community and prevent it from blowing up, and to attempt to improve it.

What kind of player are you?: I like robots so I play robots. I do also try and roleplay, occasionally play Command, but mostly AI and Science.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: Dunno! Future is weird and bad to think about. Perhaps more jaded, perhaps less anxious, perhaps the same.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?: Depends! If the Clown did this as a non-antag without any prior interactions with the HoS, bwoink and politely tell them to not be a dick with their pranks, and they should be humorous. Antag? Perfectly fine! Clown has some deep and complex RP reason to do this? Perhaps?

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?: Depends entirely on how they respond, hours, history, etc. If its an account below like, 5-10 hours, likely perma for grief (with admin permission as a mod, iirc?), explain on forums. Many hours experienced player? Hear them out but still likely a long-ish ban, with a big note and all that (can you give a ban and note? or is it one or the other?).

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?: This sounds like just a common accident, maybe poke em and ask if they need help learning Chemistry and point them in the direction of the mentors, but otherwise sounds like an honest mistake.


holy shit, Crossedfall alt real


You’re a trusted member of the community and have been mentor for more than a year without incidents, pretty much a perfect background for this app.

Notes are recording tools. All bans are recorded, as such all bans have a note attached to them (they are made automatically for thatpurpose).

Otherwise nothing to say on this app.

You’ve made this app yesterday, and you’ve already pinged me two times about it. So despite only putting ‘5’ on your confidence level, I feel like asking difficult questions:

  1. Someone ahelps saying that another player’s name is a reference to a war criminal in their country. You look up the name on wikipedia and find that the last name matches, but not the first name. What’s your next course of action?

  2. You get an ahelp from an ex-admin reporting: “I saw jonathan Garland powergaming, he’s been tiding in all places and just grabbing tools, clearly LRP, yeet him please and thank you.” The player is an assistant with a toolbet and some tools. Logs show he has indeed been breaking into places like medbay and engi foyer. What do you do?

  3. You receive an ahelp from the AI that states: “Hey, can a lawless AI kill?”. You jump over at the AI sat and notice the HOS, a mime and the CMO trying to force their way into the core chamber. How do you proceed?

  4. An ahelp comes in at a random time during a random round from someone named Jonathan Garland: “Hey I’ve been bwoinked a bunch of times, got banned and got notes. I just don’t know what I can do or what you guys want from me. How should I act?”

Bonus question, assume you have admin perms for this one:

You hop on sage, the round has been going on for an hour. Most traitors except for one are dead, and the last one doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Some players in dchat notice you and beg you to “do something”. What’s your next course of action?

Good luck with your application!
I’ll ask a few questions:

  1. A RD Ahelps “Hello, my character is a transhumanist. Can I seek implants or this would be powergaming?”.
    What do you do/answer?

  2. An explorer has built a durand, and is building an AI in his shuttle, it’s low pop (lone explo) and there’s no one to ask for permission for the AI. What would you check if anything?

  3. Someone disagree with the way you ruled a ticket and is being toxic toward you in Dchat and keeps reopening tickets. Do you take any actions?

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I think I technically bugged you about it way more than just 2 times but fair enough.

  1. Depends as always, how similar is the first name? Recognizable in any way? Is it the first name of anyone else notable? If it’s a completely normal non-notable first name, politely poke em and ask if they wouldn’t mind changing their last name and if they need any help with that, since it’s apparently a quite noticeable last name. It would also depend on if they have any history of name stuff, briefing, or if the name happens to be in the random name generator. Oh, and species. Assuming worst case, first name happens to be some other notable thing, person uncooperative or unresponsive, give an apperance ban of 3 days (as a maximum as a mod?) and hope they improve/cool down.

  2. Hit em with a bwoink and ask why they’ve been tiding around, why they have all those tools, etc. If their history is clean and they’re cooperative in the ticket, at most it would be a note. At worst, assuming they’re a like, 29h account with 7 notes and they start screaming slurs in the ticket, politely poke an admin for permission to perma (appeal on forums?). Oh, and tell the retire-min that the ahelp is appreciated and all that.

  3. A purged/lawless AI may act in self defense, yes, so they could kill the people boarding their satellite, however I’d advise them to make sure not to go too far with that, as that could get very messy very fast. I’m also unsure why the Mime would be there, unless the Mime happens to be a deputy I’d probably stick around to observe and smack if they’re decidedly validhunting.

Oh my fingers hurt from cutting jalapenos and I’m on mobile this is agony.

  1. It depends on their notes, for specific advice, but I’d try to ask them if/how they’re playing their chararacter and try and help em out on that, maybe tell them to be more respectful of other people I that’s what their notes focus on, or hat they shouldn’t know every job, or such and so forth. This is a very hard one.

  2. Trick question, admins can’t influence the round until the 1:30 mark (unless CentComm is contacted. Or prayers.) I’d tell dchat I would eventually stir up the round if things continue at this pace and nothing interesting spawns from dynamic, perhaps a big swarmers… Oh, could perhaps do some Thunderdome Arena stuff for the ghosts too? I’d have to learn what tools I get to play with first, I think.

My fingers still feel jalepeno-y :frowning:

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Will get these ones later! When my phone isn’t on 6% and my fingers stop hurting.

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  1. Perfectly fine! This sounds like a valid in-character reason, and if they’re ahelping about it I think that gives it solid ground to stand upon. I’d likely tell em that it’s perfectly fine, just to avoid getting anything explicitly for combat-y stuff.

  2. Oh this is quite tough. I think if there’s any other Science staff I’d ask them to allow them to deal with the unbuilt AI, and ask if they’re keeping the AI for themself or station use. The Durand seems reasonable-ish, as long as they don’t use it to bonk-the-valid station-side, if there is a Roboticist/Scientist, though, I’d ask them to try and make requests of other people in the future rather than taking it upon themself.

  3. I’ve heard there’s a way to mute someone from ahelps temporarily, and potentially dchat? I’d likely smack em with the ahelp mute and if they keep getting worse, a temporary (1-3 days?) dchat ban to cool down detailing the ahelp spam as well.

Yep, IC motivation is there. I’d check for any logs relating to this being RP’d if possible, and would warn them to not use their new toys to hunt le valid.
(in this case the RD had plenty of logs previous to the ticket expressing it and were engaging their roboticists around this gimmick: good command!).

If you have to mute them from both Dchat and ahelps, you should be issuing a temp’ ban from the server. It could be from an hour to a few days depending on severity.

Two was indeed quite thought, I don’t fully agree with your take on the mech, but you would be the one handling the ticket and your reasonning makes enough sense I wouldn’t call you a monkey in Asay.
Here what would matter is ascertaining if any attempt at all to RP was made along the way of acquiring all of this. If there is none the explo is powergaming (and breaking their SOP along the way, but that’s mostly IC), else, and especially during low-pop it may be justifiable (ticket this lad and figure it out).
Notes would also be pretty important here, as depending on if it’s a trend or an isolated incident; the outcome of the ticket would be pretty different.
If you think it calls for advices, your answer is right.
If they have recent notes about powergaming/doing other peoples jobs, it may be time to escalate to a ban and stop issuing advices to someone who doesn’t improve.

Overall, I think your answer shows you could handle yourself in ticket hell, and you’ve been staff for a while already, have my plus one.

Total: +1


The hour and a half minimum is specifically for trying to push a round to it’s end.

For spawning lower impact antagonists normally you only need to wait at least an hour.

For other admin influence there’s no real time requirement for it, it just needs to be reasonable.

Moderators can only apply server bans of up to 3 days in length without authorization. Longer duration bans require authorization, except for when it comes to dealing with obvious griefers.
This does not apply to role bans, which can be applied by Moderators without authorization, regardless of duration.

As for the actual application, you’ve been an exceptional member of the community, and as mentioned by Haliris, you’ve also been a mentor for a while without incident. I don’t see any reason to ask further questions and I look forward to seeing how you’ll do as a Moderator, assuming this does get accepted. +1



Here are my questions, you can assume that you have full admin perms when answering:

  1. Someone Adminhelps that someone with the default human name is playing as an IPC character, and when you bwoink them they’ve said that they have used that name for years without a problem. What is your response and how will you go about dealing with this?
  2. The shuttle has been called and a chemist is making a bunch of grenades and stuffing it into his backpack, noticed by a non-admin ghost who adminhelped you. The shift has been going on for about two hours and you noticed that there hasn’t really been any threat to the chemist the whole shift, it was green after all. How will you respond and go about dealing with this?
  3. You’ve noticed that an abductor team has implanted the chemist with a brainwash objective to “Grenades are what you were made to do. You must Cuban Pete”. Is this okay? If not, how?
  4. The Head of Security, after learning that the Captain as been killed by nuclear operatives, on green alert, takes a lethals shotgun and follows their pinpointer to arrivals, grabbing a nukie thermals goggles that they have found lying on the ground. They then use those goggles to find the nukes arming the bomb and shoots them dead, prompting one of them to adminhelp that the Head of Security is powergaming. What is your response to this?
  5. A player with 0 hours playtime joins the round as scientist and wordlessly beelines towards toxins, you’ve noticed that they have begun building maxcaps an stuffing them into lockers with your admin notification. How will you respond and go about dealing with this?

Bonus Question:
The ghosts have asked to be brought back into the round, you’ve noticed that the round has been going on for over 1 hour 30 minutes, and that most of the antagonists either cryoed or died. How will you go about this? Will you create antagonists, or will you create something custom?

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  1. I could check their playtime to see if they’re lying in the ticket, along with notes, but regardless, I’d point them to the IPC Naming Guidelines and tell that that, sadly, they do have to change their name and ask if they need any help picking a new one. If they continue to be un-cooperative, have notes detailing a past use of this name, or such, smack with an appearance ban, unsure if this should be a temporary one or a perma-explain one, but I suppose perma-explain would be best to force them to come and respond? Oh, I can also change their name with Magical Admin Tools to something appropriate/they picked.

  2. I think it depends on the type of grenades. Lube grenades, carpet, rainbow? That’s not terrible, hellmix grenades that turn people into walking grenades and set them on fire? Bad. Bwoink in both cases and ask why they’re preparing grenades, depending on response/grenade/etc, gently ask them to please keep in mind that preparing for EORG is powergaming and not to do it, and give a note. If they have a history of powergaming, then perhaps a temporary role/server ban (if notes are all chemist related, role is probably all I’d do).

  3. Abductors are supposed to study the humans in new situations, not to get them all killed via explosives. Also, how would they know who Cuba Pete is? Smack with some low-severity-notes to not do that again in the future, or higher severity depending on their responses/history. Would also depend on which abductor gave the objective/told the other to do so/etc. Also poke the chemist and apologies for the inconvenience, but I’ll be changing their objective, and give em a different one.

  4. Bwoink and ask them why they used the Nukie Thermals when they could’ve sufficed with their Pinpointer, tell them to not use Contraband in the future, and depending on how they respond, low-high severity note. Also inform the ahelper that it’s been dealt with and all of that. Oh, and tell the Head of Security that they should have raised the alert level, as this sounds like a very-much-not-green situation, and lethals should be brought out around then rather than at green.

  5. I think a-jail would be the best thing here, so I’d zip em up there. Politely ask how they know to make maxcaps with no hours, and why they’re making so many. While they respond check if their ckey is banned from any other places for grief (is there a way to check for similar ckeys?). Assuming they do immediately start screaming slurs, disconnect, are banned for grief from 15 other servers, smack with a perma. I have genuinely no clue how I would respond if they went “Oh I’m so sorry I was doing it for [INSERT VALID REASON HERE] and I’m from TG” and have been rewriting this for the past like, 10 minutes and I think I’m just going to ask other admins for their opinion in this scenario. And also ask about this during training, if I do get accepted. Edit: Oh it’s been an hour since you wrote the questions. How long have I spent rewriting this one. Christ.

  6. I could pop in something not super big or bad, perhaps a “Big Swarmer” (large health, unable to replicate, etc) to entertain the ghosts. If the round continues to be boring after that is all done, could consider actual swarmers to bring the round closer to ending, or perhaps a good ol’ loneop.

I could’ve sworn that contraband usage was allowed during high alerts, such as nukies. But am I mistaken or has that been changed? Couldn’t find anything about it on the Wiki.

As I understand it you’re not supposed to use contraband as sec unless it’s a very dire situation and it makes immediate RP sense, like you’re defending yourself after your non lethal options have all been disabled and you’re backed into a corner, then shoving them and using their weapon against them would make sense. Question askers discretion on whether stopping the nukies from arming the bomb is dire/RP friendly for using a bit of gear in the moment. Given they specified the HoS finds it on the ground while chasing nukies that are arming and have disk, I’d say it’s not powergame.

Hrm, I suppose that is true. And the goggles don’t really give all that much of a tactical advantage, save for seeing where the Nukies are, which they would’ve already found if they just opened the door after using the pinpointer to find em. Difficult question! I might just ask them to please raise the alert level in the future, then, before gaining/using lethals and contraband, as this is definitely not a green situation.

I don’t really have mush to add here by way of questions.
I fine the answers to the others fairly decent so far.


T: +3

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Good luck with the App!

But yes, as someone who plays Sec i agree with your take on using the thermals is too much, specially if they have the pinpointer, but it heavily depends on the context

However keep in mind this situation could easily happen on a 45pop stealth-ops (i’ve encountered a few of them) where they rush Captain and you’re pretty much the only one with lethals at the moment the Nukies gets called and Captain is reported dead alongside disk missing

That would classify an immediaty red-delta situation just for the sake of the disk being compromised so since every second matters the actions taken depends on the player playing

Some can open armory and send the officers, others go on their own while telling warden to arm up since every second count, some talk on radio to inform about everything, having an AI and other heads might help on making the red alert, etc! It heavily depends on the context and situations like a delta threat from my experience allow a leeway on raising alert since a lot of… emotions are at play both IC and OOC (obviously temporally leeway, if disk gets recovered for example and things “calms down” then they should go back to enforce SoP as the immediate catastrophe has been twarted)

Anyways sorry for budging in, again good luck on the app!

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Rule of thumb is that an AI without laws needs to act with IC reasons. I.E they can’t be dicks randomly and grief.

Yeah the CMO and mime being the ones leading the charge raise a lot of questions. Depending on the current context of the round, it can go in any directions rules-wise.

A lot of players struggle with the cooperative aspect imposed by RP, you need to RP for others to have them RP for you in return. This is a deal-breaker for many players, so it’s good to keep it in mind.

Tyran already commented on the hour limitations in policy for admin interfence.

Solid app, take the +1 and stop pinging me.


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Accepted at +4
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