Where could i learn how to be a Chaplain?

There were several occasions when several Chaplains did amazing, fun and definitely different things, but it is still a mystery to me how they do these things and i didnt find where to learn about.
I wanted to play as a Chaplain, but I feel limited to doing PR without knowing any mechanics or anything I can do.

They really aren’t that different from a regular crew member. They have about two special abilities.

Null rod: Their weapon of choice, does high damage, and has multiple modes with different advantages and disadvantages. No matter the mode you choose, you’ll be immune to most forms of cult and wizard magic.

The Bible: Can be named in char creation. If you smack some one over the head, it has a chance to either heal or brain damage them. Smashing something with water in it will make holy water, which cures cultists, and harms revenants.

Usually though, chaplain are more likely to be answered by the admin gods. They often receive quests, and if they do them, they’ll some times be given powers. This doesn’t happen every round though, so you might just have to find another way to get followers and do interesting stuff.

Usually, if you put effort into stuff, admins are more likely to help you out. Having a bunch of followers, or sacrificing rare items usually does the trick.

TL:DR: Hope the admins are interested in playing god, and they’ll do cool stuff and possibly give you supernatural power.

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Where i get this weapon?

Make sure to be absolutely obsessed with your religion of choice. Choosing wisely can help you get away with some shit. For example, I was a chaplain that worshiped Kudzu. After a bunch of monkey sacrifices, the admins finally granted me plant based boons, such as become a pod person. I launched into a frenzy, assured by my gods, and I made a TON of kudzu seeds, planted them all over the station, and ended up causing a massive amount of damage. I caused so many issues that I got the shuttle called. I wasn’t an antag. I was just doing a gimmick. I was not bwoinked for it.

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Where i can change bible before game start?

One of the options is to choose your religion. Write in the name, and you’ll get “the holy book of (insert religion)”.

The null rod is some where in your office. It may be on your desk, or behind a door.

You can click on your bible to change it’s looks.