When clock cult is so slow that u assemble whole eva squad

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man if i was a clockie i would be looking at that and just itching to bomb it to shit… infact if clockies dont act fast and screw over certain departments it can get pretty bad for them.

I just finished this show. It honestly took quite a turn at the end

Even if u were a member of the cuck cult i dont think there was much time to bomb at this point since ark fell in under two minutes

to be honest i have no clue why they dont raid in groups, for example 3 people raid robo at the same time and destroy everything there

coordination often relies heavily on the eminence doing big text or opening doors. and yes the eminence can open doors.

last clock round i played we didnt have eminence whole round, at the end when i died in ark i became the eminence

Reminder emincence can passive grab people on station. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Holy water bless tiles to prevent eminence movement.

True but it’s still very funny being dragged around in medbay by the emininice.