Whatdafuq13 banned by whyiscaeciliustaken


Admin’s CKEY:whyiscaeciliustaken

** Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:both**

**Ban Type: Golden and Sage , IP BAN

Ban Length:Permanent

Ban Date :(01/21/2020)

Round ID:11711

Ban Reason:Executed an assistant for little to no reason, disconnected mid ahelp. explain on hte forums.

**whyiscaeciliustaken banned me permanently because my pc crashed mid ahelp so i couldn’t expain myself.After my pc crashed I rebooted it and tried to join but I was banned.

Now I explain myself:
Clown and I were the execution team. And the captain said something to the clown, and the clown started beating the assistant so i thought captain said us to execute him and I beated him too.I did not know he was the wrong person.Its the clown’s fault but ONLY I got banned.**

Additional Information:My pc crashed mid ahelp

The reason you were permanently banned was the disconnection. Had you stayed for another ~20 seconds you would have been fine, like the clown was. The real culprit was the HoS, who falsely claimed that the captain authorised the execution (he didn’t), and so received a ban from security.

Since your game crashed, I will lift this when I get home.

If you found out who the real culprit was why did you ban anyways…

Because he still beat an assistant to death over trespassing and resisting arrest because the HoS told him. “The person most culpable” would have been a more accurate phrase than “real culprit”.

@WHATDAFUQ13 It’s been removed. Have a nice day.