What you should look for as an inspector

Debating if I should just upload this as a book in the library, but I feel like this guide could help inspire people who become CC interns/inspectors and have to conduct a inspection on the station. As such this will be styled as a IC guide, with most of this being inspired by SOP and my personal logic.
Take this guide as inspiration for inspectors and admins


A inspectors job is very important, research stations like Space Station 13 are crucial for Nanotrason to continue making advances in the long-term development of space stations and research. These stations aren’t cheap, and the people chosen to be on these stations are specially picked. Though due to issues in the quality control of some of those picked, see engineers unable to even start the Super Matter (SM) Crystal, and the unusual issue of having a high rate of crew evacuation/destruction of research stations, inspectors have been needed more than ever.

Inspections have been split into three different categories: General Station Inspection (GSI), Emergency Station Inspection (ESI), and Individual Department Inspection (IDI). If your briefing on the station by a Central Command (CC) Commander involves specific issues with a specific department, you shall conduct a IDI inspection and directly inspect both the conduction of the entire department and of the department head. If you’re briefed to give the whole station a inspection, you’ll conduct a GSI. GSI’s are more general and looks at whole the overall department is doing and minor investigation to SOP compliance. A IDI is a much more detailed look into the department, and fully looks at the SOP policies. A GSI can also lead into doing a IDI if a department is bad enough. A ESI is due to difficulties or concerning messages that a stations Central Command has received, and has a almost entirely different process than normal inspections.

Inspection types
General Station Inspection (GSI)

A GSI is meant to get a general idea of how the station is doing. When first entering the station pay attention to the general cleanliness of it. A station that is at least 90% free of blood and general trash is a sign of a healthy station. This should be viewed that if the janitor, a job that can be really dangerous due to their time spent in maintenance, is still alive/hasn’t been converted/doing their job the station has been handling itself to a decent point.

Cargo should be busy getting bounties, miners getting materials (and being alive), and ordering legal items in a timely manner. Cargo shouldn’t be armed unless in emergencies, if a cargonia event has occurred immediately report to CC if the station has failed to handle it appropriately.

Onto security, the station should have at least a mostly positive outlook on security during the shift. A security with a mostly positive reputation on a station is one that is doing its job, following proper space law, and most of all not falling into the “Shit-urity” stereotype. The area should be generally free of blood and contraband equipment randomly laying about. Warden should be at his post, unless it’s a emergency or lack of security. You should see officers patrolling through the station. The Permanent jail area should be intact, with occupants checked on semi-frequently and in full orange outfit with prison ID. The gulag should be intact and free of fauna.

Engineering department is a breeze to inspect. Ensure that the powersource is stable and inside an area that forces some effort to break into, atmos is intact and not open, and that T-comms and gravity is functional.

The bar/kitchen area should be among the cleanest areas of the station. Free of blood and broken glass. The bartender should be providing drinks and a overal welcoming atmosphere. The chef should be providing food options that crew members of any species can eat, including vegetarian options and carnivore options. Vomit on the ground is allowed for the rare fly crew member.

Medbay should be completely spotless in terms of cleanliness. The public chemist fridge should have a healthy amount and variety of medical chemicals in stock, and should be free of illegal drugs. The general care area shouldn’t be littered with corpses or body parts, the same goes with the surgery room. The virologist should be developing virus’s, either for cargo and to keep the crew healthy. Lastly, the geneticist should be finding mutations at a decent rate and distributing them out appropriately (see IDI for further details on which mutations should be distributed and to whom).

The science department should be decently clean. The robotists should be constructing and upgrading cyborgs and robots, with the creation of mechs getting the proper permissions and made with care. Xenobiology should be making decent paces with slimes and properly distributing slime cores that may aid departments on the station, or properly taking care of and farming xenomorphs if given an egg by CC. Immediately report to CC if the station killed the egg immediately instead of breeding at least one xenomorph, those eggs are expensive and very difficult to option and destruction destruction is grounds for “alternative” projects. Toxins should be creating bombs and using them for research/mining purposes ONLY. The explorer crew should be successfully doing missions with minimal deaths and obtaining discovery points.

Lastly, make sure to do more general inspections like the structural integrity of the station and other commons sense items

Emergency Station Inspection (ESI)

This is among the most dangerous inspections a inspector might do, as there is at least a good suspicion that something has gone wrong on the station. Your purpose is to investigate these reports and message CC a short briefing and if you determine the station needs a CC team sent. A CC ERT team member might be sent with you depending on the report, if they aren’t a ERT commander or leader of some kind, remember that they report to you. The first thing to do upon arrival is to quickly go to the bridge of the station, as this is typically the most secure area of the station. After getting further information from the captain/heads, you must make the choice if it is a situation that will require further inspection (like if the station is so damaged that the engineer department needs a small team of CC engineers/drones to assist) or if a squad needs to be immediately called in. This next section will be a refresher on: the different dangers stations face, how to personally protect yourself in case of those dangers, and Nanotrason recommended actions to take to deal with those situations.


Both “Blood” and “Clock” cults can be very dangerous to a station, resulting in the automatic destruction of the station after their gods’ have been summoned. Signs of cults depends on the type. Blood cults will create runes and physically change over time as they convert more and more crew members, leading to a red halo above their heads. Clock cults, are a bit more sneaky. They have the benefit of having a blue space pocket dimension that allows them great movement and stealth around the station as they prepare to summon their god. The station is at least able to fight back and attempt to stop the summoning attempt, mostly because the rifts in bluespace that allow gods to be summoned are typically in the same space as a station (further investigation to how Nanotrason can detect these rifts is being done). This causes wormholes to appear and allow the crew access to the cultists bluespace dimension. If late stage (halo’s) blood cultist infestation is found and the station is having heavy losses, a ERT team should be called to deal with it and in dire emergencies the on-station nuclear device should be detonated. Do everything in your power to not get converted, as cultists getting your comms and ID card could spell doom.


Blobs are a very dangerous virus that will infect a host, only to melt into a amorphous mass that is able to turn dead bodies into blob “zombies” and create massive humaniods that will protect its core. The average station should be able to defeat blobs, with teamwork with all the departments and some emitters it should be a relatively easy to destroy a blob. Though blobs come in different colors and forms, that will hinder the stations efforts in destroying it. If the station is getting close to destruction, call in an ERT squad. In dire situations, request nuke codes. As for your personal safety, you should remain on the station as long as destruction isn’t imminent otherwise return immediately back to the stations Central Command.

Malfunctioning AI

These AI’s are the result with syndicate tampering, and while syndicate agents aren’t normally a major enough danger for a inspector to request a ERT a “Malf” AI is an exception. Malf AI normally only need to kill a few crew members and the purpose the syndicates have for it is to ultimately give syndicates the station after the crew has left, past attempts to reclaim stations that have a Malf AI has resulted in mass casualties and overall are more resource intensive to deal with. Typically, when a syndicate agent is caught they will run and hide, a malf AI only has really one option if caught. That option is to wipe out the crew. If a station is struggling with a malf AI a ERT must be requested as soon as possible, nuke codes are not an option as Nanotrason views the use of blowing up an entire station because of an AI is unneeded and counterproductive. You must ensure you aren’t not turned into a cyborg and ensure to tell CC that there is an Malf AI so the ERT team will bring appropriate equipment. Remain on the station (unless destruction is imminent) until the AI is dealt with for the purposes of record keeping


Once confirmed, the inspector must immediately report to CC and request a squad if the station isn’t dealing with them well. The number one priority is to ensure that you yourself, are not impregnated and kidnapped. Nuke codes are also a valid option, as xenomorphs are highly intelligent and will attempt to hijack a escape shuttle to infect Central Command stations and spread even further.


There are a few other dangers to look out for, but either aren’t major enough to warrant their own section like the rest or are extremely short. Heretics are an offshoot of cultists, and typically are only a true concern for Nanotrason if they have ascended. In those cases a ERT team should be requested immediately. Spiders are a very rare case, usually the result of a syndicate trained in xenobiology, but if they obtain the upper hand a ERT team is appropriate to call. Infectious Zombies (not to be confused by the Zombie alien species that the crew hires every once in a while) can be a major threat, and if the station is struggling a ERT team should be called and nuke codes could be requested if the situation is dire. Wizards require an immediate ERT team if dire, though more peaceful ways of dealing with wizards are also an option. Do not let a wizard, or mice, get near you.

I’ll try to pump out all the sections, and then re-go over them to fix grammatical errors and make the format look nicer. Future goals will be to add this as both a set of papers inspectors get in their clipboard and as a book the station can read. Though this version on the forums will be the master copy, with the book/paper forms needing to be formatting differently for their respective purposes and limitations

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Tagged. Consider adding this as a set of papers that inspectors get in their clipboard when they spawn, or something like that.

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Add the messages to paper_premade.dm and then add the papers to the official’s loadout in outfits/ert.dm

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Emergency inspectors should at least arrive with some minimal space proof suit and a disabler in their backpack and go straight to the murderboner to metagrief them

A lot of the time you immediately get pressure damaged on arrivals as an inspector or get blown up in the bridge

I think HoP’s pocket pistol is a more fitting gun for an inspector to have