What would you do if you found a gygax with rockets unlocked on shuttle while being iaa?

Would you resist the urge to kill everyone or not ? And should you be banned for that ?
i regret nothing tbh ohohohooho

Bruh it was so perfect, I had to break the rules because I really wanted to. Really? Just follow the rules. It’s not hard.

I’d follow rules and do nothing, I’m not retarded to fuck peoples rounds, or greentext, just because I found a mech.

i dab on you 20 times because character limit

i recognize you from that game dab dab dab dab dab

yeah, I was the one that ahelped about you retards killing people on the shuttle.

well its just a game get over it mate i still dab on you though

I wasn’t a person that was affected by your retardness, so nothing really to get over. You acted bad, broke rules and you are banned.

I don’t get why you cannot wait 3 GODDAMN MINS AND THEN GIB THEM ALL

then the round is over so it doesnt matter if they are dead or not as the stealthy antagonist who finished objective of killing taitor clown in 5 first mins.
I was stealthy for over hour, i was hunting xeonos with my carp and stuff like that then i had a super rare chance to get a free mech with missiles tbh there were like 3 durands why i wasnt stopped god knows.
But not taking empty missile mech just standing there while being antagonist would be such a waste of one in a lifetime chance i bet.

On the shuttle, the round hasn’t ended and traitors haven’t won yet.

For a logical, professional answer to this clearly rhetorical question:
Due to the fact that Internal Affairs agents are sent directly by Central Command, and are thus employees of Nanotrasen, and are heavily discouraged from taking any civilian lives rather than their target, it is most likely that if they did anything at all, they would:

  1. DNA lock it, but not use it so it could not be used to harm company assets.
  2. Report it to security so it could be operated properly.
  3. Render the mech inoperable if neither security could access it, and the agent could DNA lock it.

ohhhh shit i didnt know thats what iaa exactly is, i misunderstood it totally big oof.
I thought im still enemy of the crew, at least for next time i know to not kill civilians

“Internal affairs agents may not murderbone, but external affairs may.”

I’d go inside of it, if my target would also be on the shuttle I’d definitely first try to beat them to death, if they’d run I’d unload the rocket barrage.

That’s scenario 1.

Now if my targets were dead, I’d still go inside but I’d wait for round end and the shuttle to dock at centcom + cross my fingers that some funny guy won’t maxcap before text shows up.

After that… well… mayhem is assured.

Technically there’s internal affairs and external affairs. Internal Affairs are NT, but External Affairs are Syndies. If you were an EA it might make more sense for you to use it, but you’re still mainly here to kill one guy and get out silently, so creating chaos with a mech would still be a bit odd