What makes being giant fun? (includes poll)

Mechanics increase the size of the player:
  • Are visually disruptive and I don’t like when people do it
  • Are fun and wacky and I like when I see people using them
  • Don’t really bother me, but I wouldn’t miss them if they were gone

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No I’m not on some crusade to remove being giant, I sit somewhere between first and third options.

I’m just curious what others’ thoughts are on it because it seems out of place to me. The sprite doesn’t line up with the tile anymore and it’s just visually displeasing to look at because of how blocky the sprites are when zoomed in. I don’t think it’s imbalanced and it doesn’t happen often enough to make me want to try removing the mechanic I’m just curious why those that do it choose to and how others feel about it in general.


Yes I made this a multiple choice poll and then restricted you to only making one choice. No I’m not fixing it now that i realized my mistake.


Being able to call other players manlets


Cant there be some middle option of “its funny when one guy happens to get it, but annoying when a bunch of people do?”


I couldn’t think of how to word it as an option, but yeah that’s about my position on it.

Silently makes gigantism virus

It’s funny up to a certain extent.

A borg going the size of the screen for the x amount of time is really annoying

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People need to be more aware of the ways to toggle gigantism off. The one i usually use is the cardborg suit, which overrides your sprite if you also wear the helmet. Carrying plants also does it though you won’t have free hands.


Giants are the reverse of powergaming. They are easier to be attacked in contrast to drawf/short characters who have a small hitbox.


It’s fun when someone else does it, but I absolutely hate it when it happens to me. Mostly because sprite stops aligning and I end up getting stuck on geometry. I can imagine how it would make projectile-based combat awkward, too. Unless the hitbox changes alongside with the sprite. In which case … Why would you even …

EDIT: As to why it’s fun … Most of it is juvenile chuckling like a school girl for half a second. Because "DAMN BOY, HE THICC. THAT’S A THICC ASS BOY!" or some such. Wouldn’t say it’s really high quality fun on it’s own. I did see someone use it as a gimmick once and roleplay being unable to pass through airlocks. Understandably, that gimmick didn’t last long.

Verdict: I find growth toxin both annoying and disruptive, AND fun. As such, I picked the “don’t really care” option so I can remain a fence-sitter.

TL;DR: Thicc - Anthony Fantano - YouTube

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