What has changed

In the five months that I’ve been gone alot has changed can anyone summarize?

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You are no longer executed for JUST being confirmed syndicate! Hooray for new space law.

Space Law changed. Exploration derelicts are more detailed. Slight tweaks with quirks. Lots more but I’d need to re-read the PRs. Probably faster to skim git changelog.


A lot more nerfs, especially in security

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I’m sorry but what?

You now have to release (most) confirmed antagonists to walk freely among the crew as security, unless they tick a very specific small set of crimes. The idea was to allow them to “make the round more interesting”, which means they are allowed to permanently remove any security from the round at any point for any or no reason.

And, I shit you not, murder is only a 15 minute sentence, the same as having a handmade spear on your person.


Any attempt to hide the body leads to perma since that makes it prime murder


While this sounds ridiculous on paper I have yet to see someone commit just murder. It’s not just 15 minutes. It’s 18 minutes because they resist arrest. It’s loss of any equipment they have. Any access they have. It’s a tracking implant. And it’s the knowledge to security and the crew that you are a confirmed valid and so you are always being watched.

Of course the above never happens because if you so much as try to drag the body into maints you have just committed prime murder. And no one just kills a person and leaves the body.


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