What exactly is required of Mentors?

How much game-time are you expected to have? How much knowledge? Are you supposed to sit in the observer role the whole game? What actually do mentors do? Is it just google but in game and with people?

I think you just have to apply and then there is a staff vote.

Depends on what you know
And you play the game and when you ask a question we get a bwoink then pops up in side of the chat saying what’s required of mentors?
And we click on your name and reply

Sorry not we i was banished as a meme
But mentors do
Ruko for council

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wait you were actually banned? why tho

For the meme pretty much
But I will return to my brotherhood

Peepeepoopoo if a mentor doesn’t have more hours than the average player he is poopoo unless he is a based powergamer and knows all the strats

If you have low play hours but also low notes and bans you will probably get accepted as a part of ckc

ckc? what’s that?..

Cool kids club(mentors). Much better than the word kkk…

Or you can CQC everyone.

Moved to general since it isn’t actually an application

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Sounds good, didn’t know where else to put it, but that makes sense.

What’s CQC mean? Not familiar with the term

Knowing the basics like this would be a requirement.
CQC is Close Quarters Cooking, the chef’s martial arts that’s active inside the kitchen area.