What can be done with laptops

I know tablets offer some info on the station but laptops seem to offer possibilities as you have parts to research, bit I still don’t get what can be done with them.
Do laptops allow to download interesting softwares that you can’t have on tablets? I think they allow to print things but is that all? And what about the antivirus (robust/luxury)? Even on TG I was wondering what was the point of the parts that you can insert in laptops, with no satisfying answer. Thanks to enlighten me!

Laptops just get a lil bit more programs and can get stronger components. Nothing spectacular, but hey. You can use secureye on laptop to watch cameras of the station. Also about anti-viruses. There is specific virus symptom that turns organics into robot lifeforms. When you have this symptom in virus, you can infect IPC, but hell it is really… Unreliable. For most cases you’ll need monkey to infect IPC in the first place. If IPC is infected, the IPC can use anti-virus on self to “remove” the virus from their systems.

how do you get secureye? I don’t remember having seen that on software download manager

Some programs are restricted to certain ID access. You wouldn’t give ID modifying app to an assistant, now would you? Secureye is for security, Lifeline is medical for example

throw it in the trash. Desktop master race is the only way to reach divinity with computers

I think some code bases used to allow you to use an AI in the laptop but it’s non functional on bee as far as I am aware

Yeah the intellicard component is only for modular consoles not laptops or tablets. Its not that its nonfunctional its just not supposed to work that way.

then can someone explain me what are antivirus disks for? (robust/luxury antivrus). they can be printed in science so I suppose someone had an idea behind it

Demi already explained.

sorry my bad :sweat_smile:
I am not just too knowledgeable regarding non human races

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The only people who can and should have a Laptop are the RD, HoS, and CE.

The rest can have tablets or use public terminals, Or just, Build a terminal in a dorm room for themself.

I think the Chatroom function is really neat and also one of the better counters to a traitor who’s tapped into station Comms. It’s kinda meta how the only way to stop someone from intruding on the radio chatroom… is to just make a chatroom on the computer.

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