Welcome kids and kiddos alike

To the all new BeeStation forums!

We finally decided it was time to step away from the several barely intact glued together pieces of cardboard and plastic bottles that was our old forums system (proudly coded by me).

All previous posts are archived for staff only. If you had an active stale ban appeal, sorry but you will have to repost it here. Same goes for player reports. I believe we processed all staff applications.

I will attempt to repost some of the old guides onto here as well.


bro, stealing my guides and reposting them

no stealing my valor


Plagiarism is theft! WindowsError for Mr. Guide 2020!!!

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UwU Forums where you can finaly use normal code uwu uwu

Cock and Ball Torture

Cock and ball torture

by Wikipedia, free encyclopedia.

get the fuck out you stinky furry

that’s actually cool does anyone have a pic?

why are you like this.